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Ukrainian start-up for the agricultural sector

Date: 01 Sep 2018
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Development of a multifunctional B2B portal for the agricultural sector of Ukraine

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Purpose of the Portal

Help the representatives of the agricultural sector: owners of agricultural machinery, entrepreneurs who provide agricultural services, and those who need them to find partners and clients.


We had to come up with the solutions which would make the portal as convenient and functional for users as possible.

  • prototype
    and design
  • design
  • CMS
    + program

  • user interface
  • testing
  • uploading

The purpose of the web platform

Is to help entrepreneurs from all over the country search for or sell services.
We had to complete an uneasy task - to develop the most convenient service for
a large constantly expanding community
of the agricultural sector participants of Ukraine.


Design of the portal

agropoisk: image-1 Mockups were designed with Sketch.
agropoisk: image-1 For the convenience of the client, we presented the design using interactive InVision prototypes.

For user convenience,
we created a mobile design.

Interface is optimized for the quick search:

Home page has a list of the latest offers

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Filters are represented by intuitive icons

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every action on the site can be performed no more than 3 clicks

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User interface development

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HTML, CSS, JavaScrip - are languages and user interface
technologies that provided mockups interactivity.

agropoisk: image-1 React - is a powerful tool
of modern front-end


  • good teamwork
  • optimal solutions to development tasks of the website with many dynamic pages
  • clear code structure
  • possibility to expand the rapidly growing B2B web portal in the future
  • high website performance

Back-end development of the B2B Internet portal

Important features of the web portal

The B2B Internet portal

publish an announcement
about the available
equipment or services
through a convenient

order services or

B2B web platform

logical and intuitive
user interface

two working languages

different types of search:
services, technology, participants

filters for accurate and
fast search on the website

links to business pages
on social networks



Ordering the website development services is just a beginning of the path to the successful implementation of the project.

Half done work is a high-quality website. Modern technologies in the hands of experienced programmers have
created a B2B web portal with the growing number of users for the agricultural business.

Today, agrarians from all over Ukraine use the website to:
search for
agricultural services or
sale them
rent/give on rent
search for business

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