Swedish construction company that provides a wide range of services in the field of construction.


About the project

CRM system for the construction company that specializing in concrete to optimize internal use between suppliers and customers.


Develop a service to optimize internal use between suppliers and customers. The main goal of the solution is to automate construction tender processes with the possibility of using a system with unique types of roles.

Kick-off meeting, User interview & Proto-persona

We offer to begin with Discovery phase because we understood that it will be complex system in final revision. We begin from kick-off meeting – it’s was a first step but very important step to start “BIG WORK”. We gathered all information that we needed and outlined main goals.

Functional prioritization matrix

MAIN GOAL OF MATRIX: to outline main functionality that will be in the first MVP and outline future functionality that will enter to future project stages.


Our prototypes were high-fidelity because: 

  • It outlines functionality;
  • you can see features and discuss them with a team;

What can system does?

  • System has roles administrator, supplier, service provider.
  • All system participants (customer and supplier) are administrators and project leaders. 
  • Suppliers are divided into three types: material supplier, service supplier and quality controller. 
  • The super administrator is the owner of the system and has access to all data.

Roles in system

System has roles, depending on which the accesses and possibilities of using this solution change (superadministrator | customer | supplier | service provider). Each role also has its own depth of access except superadministrator.

Workers can create orders in case of executed works for different companies that connected to system. Workers can specify type, order of works, can create automatically .pdf invoices.

Administrators of system can manage all information.

All types of companies are created in the superadmins panel. Superadmins have access to change organization number. This role also can give access to analytics data. He is engaged in adding new companies to the system, monitoring compliance with system rules, helping participants in the tender process)


System users receive browser notifications in each role. The system sends a message to all participants that interact with the tender every time there are changes. These can be data editing, closing or canceling the tender, and the stage project in the work and whether the executors have been chosen.

Customer - order management

Customer can make an order for services or material supply with user-friendly interface divided by steps. User see all order details and offers from service providers depending on requirements (e.g. if customer need only material supplier, service providers and Quality Assurance)

Customer see information about suppliers and can approve or disapprove offer from them. He can launch order choosing only one from 3 suppliers(or more suppliers). It gives to consutuctor an ability not to miss the deadlines. 

Besides, customer can check company organization number in Swedish Companies Registration office.

Suppliers - orders management

Suppliers (material, service and Quality Assurance) can see an orders from customers with detailed information and can make offers or decline it. Supplier can edit information about company if they are not interested in them.

Supplier has also additional feature – he can change decision and make an offer for customer even if supplier declined order previously.

As a result, we developed individual solution – a CRM system for internal use according to certain criteria, which facilitates work in the field of construction.

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