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“Holiniq” is a USA company that knows everything about hair health and perfect appearance. The digital agency “Halo lab” created a design for the project and we built the corporate site for the hair care program.

HairQare - logo

About the project

WordPress layout building with Elementor, and WordPress integration.


  • create a site on CMS WordPress,
  • make a layout according to the approved design of the site from our partner “Halo lab”,
  • adaptive layout of site pages using the Elementor plugin,
  • integrate the layout into WordPress.

About HairQare

“HairQare” is the only hair care product that is able to deliver personal hair goals reliably without the need for time and money-intensive sessions with specialists, expensive products, or salon treatments. So the mission of the site for “HairQare” is to reinvent the way women think, feel and approach beauty. The company offers truthful, science-backed beauty education to women all over the world.


  • we have created a corporate website for a haircare company,
  • together with the design from “Halo Lab”, we created the pages of the site using a plugin for WordPress – Elementor, which is a visual site-building constructor with quick editing of blocks,
  • integrated the site into WordPress.


The blog is divided into categories. Take care of your hair with the help of a team of MDs, biologists, chemists and other researchers who are passionate about helping to achieve the hair client will love. Also the user can view the stories of students who say about the hair care program.

"HairQare" hair care challenge

The page of the site says about the at-home haircare program that helps girls to achieve strong and healthy hair. A banner in the header warns of a discount and its time duration. In order to put all suspicions to rest the user can take a pre-screening quiz and see the results of the condition of the hair.

As a result, we’ve created a site on WordPress where girls can learn, grow and glow with the “Hair Growth Lab” team.