An interactive network of information centers that is available to every citizen, resident or tourist of the city. Through interaction with the screen, the guest has access to reference information, product catalogs of stores, and also views a demonstration of commercials and presentations.

Infokiosk - logo

About the project

A multifunctional complex based on a PC with a touch monitor with special software and personalized functionality.


In this project, our creative team #WSS started to do the issue of simple stylish design, intuitive interface and usability of the application with the brand book of Khmelnytskyi. Only after that, we began to implement solutions that will allow us to work with the system smoothly, quickly and comfortably.

Available functionality of Infokiosk

  • category selection menu;
  • language change;
  • information about the infrastructure of Khmelnytskyi;
  • a map with a QR code of the route to the desired place, which can be transferred to your smartphone;
  • filtered search;
  • in a state of rest informational city-light are displayed posters, events, advertising

Admin panel

The server part allows you to change the content of info kiosks (filling in information is done by the administrator, controlled on a remote).

Video about project

As a result, the #WSS team created a modern product for convenient interaction with people in public places, which allows to be even more open to the residents and tourists of the city.

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