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Knitel: Case

Fashionable women's clothing brand for which we first created an online catalog. However, after the business grew, there was a need to turn the resource into an online store.

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About the project

The project for the exclusive clothing creators. The original catalog, turned into an online store.

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  • site redesign;
  • create an original yet simple, concise design which catches the user’s attention;
  • the online store should be practical, with an intuitive interface, without unnecessary elements.
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Our Client needs an original, sophisticated and stylish resource for presenting clothing models. One that would be different from other online stores and not overloaded with unnecessary information.


  • we have chosen CMS OpenCart to implement the plan to convert the directory into an online store;
  • a shopping cart, favorites list and product card have appeared on the site;
  • each item of clothing can be viewed under a magnifying glass;
  • our designers have designed a minimalistic and laconic design to avoid overburdening the user’s attention;
  • all navigation and contacts in the header and simple ordering;
  • color hover on black and white photos in the catalog – attracts attention.

So, as a result, we got a practical, laconic resource, with an original design for selling women’s clothing!