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NPC: Case

The Scientific and Practical Center for Endovascular Neurogenesis Surgery is the first center in Ukraine specializing in the intravascular treatment of patients with cerebral and spinal cord pathology.

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About the project

Corporate site for the medical center with laconic design and simple registration process.

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  • developing a site that fully meets the needs of the target audience;
  • the resource for a medical center must have a convenient search, a low-key design, and a simple registration process.
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The corporate site for the medical center of endovascular neuro-radiosurgery of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine should have a representative appearance and at the same time be easy to use.


  • we have implemented a convenient search on the site and the most simple process of registration;
  • developed a laconic design in discreet colors to highlight the information on the site pages;
  • embodied multilingualism on the site.

As a result, we have received an efficient and easy-to-use resource that successfully uses the well-known medical center in Ukraine!