Diia.Education is a national edutainment platform that provides relevant knowledge and skills. The educational platform has been updated on the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, with the support of Google.org and the Eastern Europe Foundation.

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About the project

The Ukrainian edutainment platform is our latest B2G project. We have been working on developing a module for the interactive Simulators section.


  • Developing a module for the Simulator section on the Diia.Education platform.
  • Creating the functionality of the admin panel to manage the content in this section.
  • Realizing the front-end part of the video module, enabling direct user interaction.
  • Developing the interface and functionality for interactive video testing.
  • Implementing a feature to edit and synchronize clickable elements in videos and timelines.

Digital education for Ukrainians

Revamped Diia.Education platform offers Ukrainians an opportunity to gain relevant knowledge in a complex and gamified way. The platform is available in both Ukrainian and English versions.

From now on, users can create a personal learning trajectory: take a test to find a profession, create an individual educational series, learn a new profession through a simulator. Additionally, the platform offers a wide range of supplementary resources such as guides, webinars, podcasts, and other valuable materials to support the learning process. 

How does it work?

  • Watch the series about the profession.
  • Go to the Simulator and participate in solving real-life work tasks.
  • Receive certificates based on the results of training both in the educational series and in the simulator.

Module for interactive videos

The Simulators module features a user-friendly design and an interactive interface. Within this section, you’ll find a collection of videos that simulate real working situations. These simulators provide users with the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge by engaging in practical tasks commonly faced by professionals in different fields. It’s an immersive learning experience that allows applying the knowledge in practical scenarios. The videos are interactive, meaning they engage with the user while playing. As you watch and listen, you’ll have the chance to respond to professionals’ questions and receive expert feedback based on your chosen answers.

Social mission

The idea of the Diia.Education project is to provide everyone with the opportunity to enhance their skills, switch professions, or start from scratch with the help of revamped Diia.Education platform. Over 5 million Ukrainians who have lost their jobs or homes due to the war are seeking new opportunities. The platform aims to provide a free and inclusive learning format for forced migrants and anyone seeking to acquire relevant knowledge and develop skills. By embracing this concept, Ukrainians can gain up-to-date knowledge and digital skills, enabling them to tackle the challenges of the information age and take a significant step forward to a new profession.

Solutions for the project

  • On the Diia.Education platform, we have implemented the functionality of simulators. These videos provide an immersive experience where users can delve into the daily routines of various specialists and independently tackle real work tasks.
  • We’ve developed the module for interactive videos where you can test your acquired knowledge, select answers to professional questions, and receive expert comments. The videos adapt to the user’s behavior, ensuring a personalized experience.
  • The module was developed using modern frameworks, ensuring seamless and high-quality integration with other technologies.

From now on, you have the opportunity to personalize your training and go through the complete process of acquiring a profession on the Diia.Education platform, utilizing the innovative tool developed by our team. We invite you to explore new career paths and test your skills using the Simulators on Diia.Education.

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