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About the project

Multifunctional online store development.


Our cooperation with the Client, owner of the kids' shoe store in the Czech Republic, began with a one-page business card website development. Later, a full-fledged online store with an individual CMS was built based on the landing page.

Development time
210+ hours
5-10 people
YII 2.0 , PHP , HTML 5 ,
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  • Logo development;
  • design development;
  • developing a content management system and writing a software part
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Developing the most practical and easy-to-use online store that is not overloaded with paints, patterns, and complex animations.

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  • We’ve only included the main sections in the main menu to help you navigate the site. The highlight was the ability to change the menu color from the admin panel;
  • the online store is maximally sharpened for quick search. It won’t take more than two clicks to find the right product;
  • the catalog is divided into categories and subcategories. In this case, a person can switch between male and female variants of models in one click. The directory breakdown is as simple as possible. This allows the user to find the desired product as quickly as possible;
  • the product card is not overloaded with text and the logical placement of items, the product card is aimed at facilitating and speeding up the purchase process. The online store has the option of quick purchase without registration.
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As a result, we have a modern and practical online store of European type – easy to use and with a concise design!

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