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Website Redesign For the Ticketpro International Ticketing Service.



Tiketpro is the country's main cashier for distributing and selling tickets for cultural and sporting events.

Development time
300 hours
5 developers
YII 2.0 , PHP , HTML 5 ,
CSS3 , Java Script
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  • development of a modern and user-friendly interface;   
  • development of custom CMS for site content management;   
  • integration of the resource with the authorization system;   
  • site integration with customer ticketing software.
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  • this online box office is used by tens of thousands of people every month;
  • the site of a major country operator and a world-renowned franchise must have a decent design, user-friendly interface and high traffic;
  • therefore, the redesign of the site required a comprehensive approach.
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  • simple enough design, not overburdened with elements to focus on the main task – finding activities;
  • convenient navigation menu;
  • filters for selecting popular interest activities;
  • different types of search search and review of venues and event organizers;
  • search for the nearest cash desks;
  • ability to choose places online;
  • opportunity to buy an electronic ticket or place an order to pick up a ticket at one of the physical offices.
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Thus, as a result, we have received an effective and practical resource that not only informs about interesting events, but also helps to buy tickets!

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