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Ukrgame is a long-known distributor of game consoles and computer games in the region.

Development time
160 hours
4 developers
Opencart , CSS3 , Sketch
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Create a modern and convenient online store for the sale of game consoles and related products.

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  • Combine a system of convenient site administration with fast ordering.
  • Implement a convenient and informative product filter.
  • Create a bright and noticeable project.
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  • We chose CMS OpenCart, a proven for years, reliable platform for online stores;
  • Created a clear menu with categories and subcategories;
  • Convenient site navigation
  • Structured list of technical characteristics for quick selection of games and consoles;
  • Added the ability to log in via Facebook and Google;
  • Implemented a convenient personal account and easy ordering for both the customer and its convenient processing for the seller;
  • Integration with Nova Poshta.
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Thus, as a result, we received a drive resource for convenient and safe selection of game consoles and games. Have fun!

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