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Trend of Dark Colors or Why We Turned to the “Dark Side”

Trend of Dark Colors or Why We Turned to the “Dark Side”

The rebranding process for the company is as inevitable as the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”. It did not miss our site.

It has been 5 years since the company’s main media resource was previously updated, so our eyes occasionally flushed. We knew it was time for a redesign.

We are the cleaners. And we create sites for others. And here – it is necessary for itself. The company has 80 people and everyone has their own vision. So the process is not easy.

Especially – for our designers. Find the one option that would unite us all and present the company in the best way.

The struggle of ideas. Minimalism, Neo Geo, duotone and gradients win

We had many different concepts for the new site. Most of them based on the main trend of recent years – minimalism. Therefore, the basic gamut of the site should be black and white. In some variations of color inclusions there were more, in some – less.

We stopped at the dark range, because it can better attract attention.

Against a dark background, different shades of color gain depth and larger text becomes more noticeable. This is the perfect option to convey our core message. It helps to focus the user’s attention on something specific without spraying it.

Dark colors have been keeping pace with trends for several seasons and are not giving up their positions. Perhaps in the future it will become a classic.

Also, we have embodied Neo Geo’s ideas on the logo of the new site. It is a geometric conceptual artistic direction that was created under the influence of minimalism, pop art and op-art. Today, Neo-Geo is considered a separate area in the arts. It allows you to: combine playfulness with the rigor of the elements, use bright colors, abstract and geometric shapes, three-dimensional elements.

Duotone and gradients: two-tone color transitions. Gradients – “color transitions” have been popular for over 10 years. But recently, they have become more commonly used when creating logos. One corporate color is not enough for the logo to be stylish and modern.

The trend of gradients has been in the world of UI design for the first year now, thanks to Instagram.

The idea of ​​using a gradient was set by our main animation of the site: 4 circles on the first screen that reflect our logo. Further, this idea rolled over to other pages and fit perfectly for other solutions.

Our designer tried to dosage it on the site as a bright peppercorn, which should not be too much. It provides flavor color wherever needed.

The “dark side” of our site

We strive for the best and follow the example of the best. The dark color of our designer is inspired by Apple. Namely, a new dark mode in MacOS and IOS. The main message of dark shades: some details become more visible in the dark.

Darkness is a rather unusual and characteristic trend. It adds a certain mystique to the project. It’s a bold challenge that allows you to create striking images.

Dark tones allow the designer to “play” with the depth of the image, changing the shades and textures of black elements.

Darkness can also be associated with mystery and something mystical. This is a rather interesting trend, which is becoming more and more common in design.

Maybe because the dark background is addictive. It is a pleasure to look at. Accordingly, the user spends more time on the site exploring it.

About the features of the dark background in short

  • a dark background provides good contrast with almost all colors (!);
  • about readability: contrast is also one of the factors that make content more recognizable and legible;
  • color psychology: dark colors are associated with elegance and prestige. No wonder influential brands are building their overall visual presentation around a black-and-white pattern with a dominance of dark and light as a carrier of information for the user;
  • bright colors and gradients (“color transitions”) look even more effective against a dark background. Therefore, dark topics are a serious matter for a long time.

What to look for

  • dark background is not suitable for all projects and not for every type of site;
  • with a dark background – less opportunity for ordinary design elements;
  • using a dark background, you need to find the perfect contrast for the readability of the text.

What are graphic design trends based on?

Trends in the design world are directly related to all other fields: art, fashion, music, cinematography, social events, issues and actions, the emergence of new styles and subcultures. And of course with the development of technology, digital sphere, the release of new gadgets, etc.

For example, with the development of high-speed Internet, powerful computers and smartphones, we are gradually catching up with trends such as 3D and sophisticated animations. And with the advent of the trend in the 90s, this style has moved to sites in the form of retro photos, brutal fonts, bright colors and outline typography.

And of course there are big benchmarks that set many new trends. The top three include Google, Apple and Microsoft with their own design systems.

Social networks also set the tone and capture the latest trends. So Instagram (following WhatsApp, Twitter, Viber, Telegram) also added a dark mobile design mode on iOS 13 and Android 10. And Facebook changed its logo using a gradient.

So, we are incredibly pleased that Web-Systems Solutions is on the same wave with well-known brands!


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