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What is Shopify?

E-commerce platform

E-commerce platform

It is a web-based platform for online retailers. It’s not a marketplace, it’s a tool to build your own brand store.

Marketing tool

Marketing tool

Shopify provides a virtual marketer who will automate email marketing as well as run Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for you.

Payment system

Payment system

It can be integrated with different payment gateways. But it also has its own payment system which accepts payments from all international cards and doesn’t incur any transaction fees.


How does it work?
01 We help you choose a Shopify plan suitable for your business tasks.
02 You decide whether you want to use one of the themes offered by Shopify or a unique one.
03 We customize the theme you picked or build a theme from scratch for you.
04 We set up your online store, so you can start to sell immediately.

Why is it so popular?


It is everything in one place

For a relatively low cost, you can get everything you need to set up a fast, reliable and easy to manage an online store


It's progressive

Shopify stays on top of latest tech trends. It’s cloud-hosted. It implements AI (virtual employees). It is designed for people


It has a big future

It is relatively young technology but it has already established itself as a reliable and very innovative solution. 500 000 businesses already chose it



What are the advantages of Shopify store?

Rich store functionality

(site registration, shopping cart, promotions, discount coupons, etc.)

A large selection of themes, modules, and extensions

Unlimited number of products, sections, and categories

Support for multiple types of payments and payment systems

Multilanguage support

Product, order, and sales statistics

Why do we care?

No, Shopify doesn’t pay us to advertise their product. We are not the platform creators either. So why do we recommend it to business owners? We’ve been working as the online store developers for 12 years already. We saw how e-commerce development has been changing over the years. We have enough experience to compare different solutions. Shopify is definitely one of the best technologies we worked with. We offer only the best for our Clients!


"No, Shopify does not pay us for advertising its product."


Shopify Plus is a solution that blurs the lines of scaling up online sales.

The world of e-commerce is changing. It's time to change with it. Shopify Plus is the only cost-effective platform for large e-commerce players and it really provides changes. It is designed for dynamically growing sellers and brands.

10 000+

Shopify Plus users are e-commerce leaders.

175 countries and 25

languages in which you can sell

10 978

orders made every minute through Shopify Plus.

Shopify VS Shopify Plus: what's the difference?

The original Shopify tariff is a great option for small and medium businesses that want to increase their online sales. But if your company is an enterprise that has high sales turnover, you will need a more customized solution. That's where Shopify Plus appears.


  • Support by phone, e-mail and in a chat.
  • Customizing the Shopify theme with the help of the editor.
  • It is difficult to move on to a completely different theme.
  • A few staff accounts with limited functionality.
  • Special tricks are needed to adjust the checkout.

Shopify Plus+

  • A personalized Launch Engineer is assigned to your site.
  • Access to "Liquid" - a Shopify’s theme language that allows more customization and its changes at the code level for greater control.
  • Unlimited number of staff accounts, more control over staff actions and customization of additional permission settings.
  • Customized checkout settings based on customer experience and other details.
  • Access to Shopify Scripts - an editor that gives you finer control and settings of customizing shipping methods, customer fields and payment options.
  • Shopify Plus users also have access to exclusive Shopify apps that are not available to regular Shopify users.
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Are you ready to get started with Shopify?
You will get much more flexibility, more support and
more customization and opportunities for expanding your store.

Shopify apps by Web-Systems Solutions

Modules for CMS Shopify help you expand the capabilities of your online store. They help solve problems for automation, marketing, accounting, etc. Sometimes it is difficult to find ready-made solutions for solving problems. This is why our development team is always passionate about custom tasks.

An example of modules that we developed from scratch

Checkbox RRO

Electronic cash register module – a tool designed for businesses of any size.

Our module integrates with the checkbox.ua service and helps to reduce the costs of registering transactions, as well as to simplify reporting and control payments.

Metagen AI

Developing an application with AI integration to enhance the SEO ranking of your products. The module automatically generates meta-tags: title and description based on your parameters.

Modern generative language models can be utilized to create high-quality meta-tags for product pages, collections, and other web pages of your Shopify store, aiding in SEO improvement and traffic increase. All you need to do is share the key information and benefits of your products with ChatGPT, or simply set a template with keywords (for instance, from the product name), and it will generate an optimized product description for you. This process has been made even easier with our #Metagen app, which can be effortlessly installed and operated directly from your Shopify store’s administrative panel, facilitating convenient meta-tag management.

Checkbox RRO
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Metagen AI
shopify Install
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