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Internet users behave very differently, and it is difficult to please everyone and stand out in your business. But research has shown that there are basic techniques that improve the convenience of use of the site and contribute to increasing its coverings. This very important characteristic of Internet resources is called usability. What is the purpose of web usability? Does usability play a role in the stage of the design process? How to analyze website usability? We discuss these concepts in this article.
30 September 2021
If you are planning to launch your online store, the first thing to look at is choosing a CMS, a convenient platform for managing your store's content. One of the most popular e-commerce platforms is CMS OpenCart. How effective is this CMS? How long to create a OpenCart website?? In this article, we will give answers to these and other questions, so that after reading to the end, you make the final decision about CMS to choose for your online store.
20 September 2021
IT today is an in-demand career. There is demand for the product, technology, specialists. For specialists, demand has exceeded supply since the beginning of the pandemic, when the only sale channel for many businesses was digital. And although the growth of the field is very fast, we still have a lack of qualified personnel and it is a pressing issue. 5 years ago it was good to know how to work with HTML, CSS and understand what hosting is. Today we need much more because the market dictates the rules. You need to know individual technologies, concepts of different development processes, also soft skills: the ability to switch between processes and teamwork.
09 September 2021
Do you already know about Shopify Unite 2021 and the Shopify Plus Product Updates? In Web-Systems Solutions we are Shopify partners and Shopify experts, so we are always ready for changes in e-commerce and follow the latest news. Read our new article to learn more about the news from the Shopify Unite 2021 conference and one of the biggest updates - the introducing of "Online Store 2.0".
01 September 2021
How are most Internet-projects created? You came up with a great idea, found a designer, developed a bright layout, found a programmer to make it and... that's all. Your site is ready-to-use, but there are no conversions. Then the questions begin: why is my site not the first result on Google or another search engine? One of the solutions is SEO at the stage of website development. In this article, we want to tell you how to prepare a site for launch. Read it and find out how to unleash the full potential of your site already on the final stage of development.
27 August 2021
The world of E-Commerce is constantly changing, supplemented by new solutions and opportunities. Looking at the evolution in this area, shoppers now want and need more flexibility when shopping online. They want to have complete control over when and how they buy: on the go, through their mobile phones, tablets, voice-controlled devices, or even through game consoles.
11 August 2021
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