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Our team had the idea to harness the power of OpenAI and find a subjective solution for Shopify businesses. This app is specifically designed to assist with SEO for Shopify online stores.

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About the project

AI-driven Shopify app. #Metagen utilizes ChatGPT to generate SEO meta data for products and Shopify store pages. Free to install.


  • Create a user-friendly application for Shopify owners. 
  • Develop an app that simplifies store SEO. 
  • Assist Shopify store owners in effectively promoting their online stores. 
  • Build an efficient Shopify app that integrates seamlessly with the ChatGPT AI model.

ChatGPT for Shopify store

You can use ChatGPT to generate relevant meta-tags for the product pages, collections, and other pages on your Shopify store. [read the full research here] How does it help? Improves SEO and drives more traffic to a Shopify store. You need to provide ChatGPT with basic information and features about your Shopify store products. It can generate a product description that is well-optimized for conversions. And now, all of these features are available in our #Metagen app, which you can install and manage in one window within the admin panel of your Shopify store.

How does it work?

  • Pull up the list of all products through the API and get their URLs.
  • Paste the URL to the relevant bar.
  • ChatGPT sends data from your Shopify store to the app and uses AI to generate meta-tags or filters based on the data you have provided. 
  • If URL doesn’t have enough information, provide an alternative link.
  • Then, the generated data is automatically displayed in a table and integrated into the pages of your Shopify store.

Challenges we faced

We faced the challenge of a time-consuming app approval process. The Shopify team manually reviews each app, which can take time. Each stage of app development needs to be seen and tested, and any questions or edits require communication within business days. Based on our experience, the approval process can take anywhere from 1 week to 14 business days + the human factor. The support team strives to provide detailed feedback to developers to ensure safety and convenience. Therefore, clear and comprehensive instructions are necessary during resubmissions.

Additionally, our goal was to generate unique meta tags for each product instead of using the templates. The module aims to reduce the time spent on creating and manually writing unique meta tags for products.

Our Solutions

  • We created #Metagen , the app for Shopify store owners to generate relevant meta-tags for the product pages, collections and other pages on the Shopify store with the help of the ChatGPT AI model.
  • ChatGPT can analyze product listings and generate meta descriptions that are tailored to specific keywords and phrases.
  • The app’s functionality includes: automatic addition of all products, ability to filter products by product, category, or collection, generation of Title and Description meta tags, provision of keyword suggestions for meta tags, enforcement of length limits for meta tags.
  • The app seamlessly integrates with the Shopify admin, featuring a user-friendly interface, multilingual support, and easy product/category selection.
  • Generated data improves SEO and drives more traffic to a Shopify store.
  • It boosts the conversion rate and well-optimizes Shopify pages.

#Metagen is a subjective solution to enhance Shopify merchant’s journey and make it more efficient. To use #Metagen in your Shopify store, simply install the app from the Shopify App Store and integrate it with the store. 

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