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CMS WordPress

It's an effective tool for achieving creative goals and a powerful solution for your business tasks

What are the main advantages of CMS WordPress?

Free and Priceless at the Same Time



Manage the content of your website on WordPress easily. Edit the texts, add videos and images, create galleries. WordPress will help you cope with the content of a personal blog as well as with online store.



CMS WordPress is known for a high level of security as well as for impeccable work. This CMS is trusted by the well-known brands BBC America, Microsoft, Sony, etc. The business card websites of such celebrities as Beyonce and Usain Bolt are built with WordPress.



WordPress is constantly improving. Thanks to the updates, the website built with WordPress will always be up-to-date. In addition, this CMS is supported by a strong community of developers and users who are ready to help you find a solution to any problem.



WordPress is a free content management system. It’s also an open source you’re free to do whatever you want with it. And more than 45,000 free or inexpensive plug-ins allow you to expand the capabilities of your WordPress website as much as you want.


The numbers speak for themselves

WordPress is...

20% of websites

out of the total number of sites on the Web

60 M people

who use this CMS as an engine of their web resources

45 000 plug-ins

you can use to create the website of your dream

The engine approved by the professionals

Why do we like working with CMS WordPress?

This CMS is written in one of the most popular and reliable programming languages PHP

Good architecture and a large number of modules give freedom to build the unique websites

CMS WordPress is constantly improving and developing. You can create high-quality, fast and modern websites with this technology


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