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Shopify site speed is an important ranking factor for search engines and not the least UX factor for webshop’s customers.

Why your Shopify store has low conversion rates?

Online store has a low page load speed and this forms a negative and distrustful attitude towards the site

Your Shopify store has such SEO issues as duplicate content

You didn’t take into account Shopify’s in-built useful things for SEO

Shopify SEO from-the-box settings are not enough for the size of your store

Shopify speed optimization includes a set of further improvements in the theme or in a custom-made Shopify store. We identify the weaknesses in your Shopify store and make improvements that boost your conversion rate.

Web-Systems’ Shopify speed optimization steps
Review your Shopify store using PageSpeed tool

To find obvious problems with page speed optimization the site must be tested in PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse. This test checks all needed data and then forms points to improve.

Minimizing scripts and styles

Some scripts and styles are used only on certain pages but are always loaded independently from a web page. So we add conditions for loading only on those pages where they are used.

Reviewing image content

According to Shopify’s recommendations, we add the loading=”lazy” attribute to images. This attribute allows you to add delayed loading to images. We also add width and height attributes for photos. These attributes allow the browser to determine the size of the image and to reserve space for it in advance, which allows you to avoid displacement of the content when it is loaded. We also recommend to optimize images so that they shouldn’t be too large.

Review additional blocks and sliders

Also, we review sliders and other problematic blocks to avoid displacement of content when loaded.

Checking installed applications from Shopify store

Sometimes apps are no longer used, but they are still connected with the theme, when scripts and styles continue to be loaded to make them work.

Shopify theme review

According to the requirements, a theme purchased in a Shopify Theme store must have above 60 score numbers by Google PageSpeed and above 90 by accessibility indicators (for these insights we use the list of products and collections).

A step-by-step SEO guide is developed to bring high page load speed and a high-quality user experience to your Shopify store

How does our tactic improve Shopify speed?

We take into account every factor affecting the Shopify store speed and key rules of search engines.

We will set up all the basic features for effective further SEO promotion (micro-markup, headings, metadata).

If necessary, we will connect analytics systems (f.e. Google Analytics, Search Console).

Also, we give you speed optimization recommendations to help you keep it that way with the Shopify store.

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