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04 June 2016

We are the champions of StartUP Football 3×3 Cup

We are the champions of StartUP Football 3×3 Cup

Our guys are fine fellows, we are proud of and happy for winners.

Against stereotype that programmers are those who always sit by the computer monitor, write code and aren’t interested in nothing except the code, Web-Systems Solutions developers play football, ride bikes and compete in chess tournaments, actively participate in various events, travel and live a pretty active social life. For example, last weekend we’ve won gold at StartUP Football 3×3 Cup. We were so excited! ‘StartUP Football 3×3 Cup was unforgettable…we had one goal to win and we did it! Thanks, everyone for the support. We appreciate it’, says Dmitry, Back-End Developer. This game was something! Cool tournament for IT and startup communities. Without hands, without a goalkeeper, without offsides! And to take part, you need only 3-4 people. ‘Excellent atmosphere, incredible feelings. Faith in each other and support in all situations during the game led us to victory,’ Ivan, Front-End Developer. Web-Systems Solutions company supports sports initiatives of its employees: rent pitches for football training and inspire participation in various sports and social events. ‘On the field, we’ve demonstrated team spirit and unity of Web-Systems. Thanks, colleagues and friends who were rooting for us. We also want to thank our opponents for the great game. Special thanks to the organizers for comfort and a lot of positive emotions!’ says Roman, the Front-End Developer. ‘We came to win, and believed in it till the end, did everything to get this victory’, – Andrew, Back-End Developer. We are so proud of our guys! For us, this victory was an incredibly pleasant surprise. We didn’t come for victory, we just wanted to join this huge football event. To participate and show a nice game were the most important tasks for us. However, that Saturday all Web-Systems employees didn’t leave their gadgets even for a moment and watched the game online. We couldn’t wait for news from the field (there was a support team including our QA Engineer who broadcast the match. We were rooting for our players! And the results were amazing our guys won the gold! Joy had no limits! Hooray! First place in 3×3 championship among IT companies StartUP Football. ‘Of course, this victory was very inspiring. We will strive to play in the future as well, and not just football! I am proud of the guys. And want to thank them for the victory. I would also like to thank the organizers of StartUP Football 3×3 Cup. We wish there were more such events!’ – Vladimir Schyhol, CEO, Founder of Web-Systems Solutions. Thank you for your attention and support! Thank you for your interest! See you on the field soon!

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