Top-7 fears while selecting a contractor for the website development project

Top-7 fears while selecting a contractor for the website development project

Every entrepreneur sooner or later decides to enter the new online markets. And this is not surprising. Bill Gates once said, ‘If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business’. As the E-Commerce specialists, we can confirm that. In fact, it is true.

What do I need a website for? I already have customers and sales. That’s what the many say at the beginning. But when one realizes that more goods can be sold through the new channels, even more questions appear. How do I do it right? Where do I order the website development? What if I get deceived and lose my money? I know nothing about the web. Our company Web-Systems knows how to get rid of these fears. In this article, we will name TOP-7 clients’ questions when choosing a contractor to develop a website and tell you how to deal with them.

1. Where do I go to order the website development?

ТОП-7 страхів клієнта перед вибором виконавця для розробки сайту: image-1First of all, you should ask your friends or acquaintances for recommendations. If they already ordered the website development in an IT company, they can tell in details about their experiences. Of course, you cannot believe the recommendations blindly, so the next step will be to check information.

You might want to Google the following query “Web design/web development agency your city”. Pick a few agencies and check their websites. Pay attention to the portfolio, as well as whether the website has other pages, such as a blog, and if it’s updated regularly. Make sure there are an address and contact info. Such things may say if the chosen web development agency can be trusted and even about their level of expertise.

We often update our corporate blog and social networks. In our publications, we usually tell about the website development process or our company’s internal kitchen. Building a culture of trust and openness is part of our mission.

2. How can I be sure that I will not be deceived?

ТОП-7 страхів клієнта перед вибором виконавця для розробки сайту: image-1It’s simple. Before ordering the website development, require an official contract which includes the subject of the contract (this is the most important part), project schedules, terms of reference, payment terms, acceptance certificate, responsibilities of both sides in case of breach of obligations, development standards (usability, SEO, mobile design).

Our company always prepares a website development agreement and starts the project implementation only after the documents are approved by the client. In addition, we give 30 days of free support after the project is completed, as well as consult throughout the whole website development process without any extra fee.

3. I don’t understand web design or website development and all these smart things. Is this bad?

ТОП-7 страхів клієнта перед вибором виконавця для розробки сайту: image-1 No and yes. Why ‘no’? You can outsource all the work on your web project (delegate the tasks to another company that has the professionals with the required skills). You just pay for the agreed services.

Why ‘yes’? Since you’ll be using the ready product you need to know how to manage the content of your website as well as to use additional tools to analyze your progress. For example, you’ll need to find out why your website doesn’t have visitors from social networks or why you are not on the 1st page in Google. But if you choose the web agency right, they will explain you all these nuances. Remember, you should feel cared for at all stages of cooperation.

4. I was told that I can get a website for $300 and in a week! And another agency charges $2500 and says it will take six months to develop. So who should I believe and get a website from?

ТОП-7 страхів клієнта перед вибором виконавця для розробки сайту: image-1A little investigation will help find out a truth. Write to several web agencies and ask to estimate your project or just go through their price lists. If you intend to save money, you can search for a freelance developer. But as our experience and practice show customers who ordered the website development on the freelance website for $300 usually comes to a web agency after a few months and ask to complete the project or fix the bugs. And that’s the best scenario. But guess what happens most often? As a result of the audit, it becomes clear that it is easier and cheaper to develop a new website from scratch.

We develop websites for $1200+. They have all the necessary functionality, unique design, complex integration with the existing databases (e.g. 1C), etc.

5. Who are these freelancers? Why are their services cheaper than the web agency?

ТОП-7 страхів клієнта перед вибором виконавця для розробки сайту: image-1Freelancers are people who work for themselves. There are different kinds of IT freelancers. Some of them do programming, others are involved in web design. There are digital marketers and even full stack professionals. But to find a good freelancer might be quite difficult. Usually, they work via the freelance websites where you can read reviews and see their portfolios. But there are several things to consider before ordering the website development from such a project executor.

Feelancers can be good experts in their fields and charge less, especially the beginners. The reason is that they want to complete a good portfolio as soon as possible since it brings them higher in the ranking. The better ranking the higher price he can charge. Experienced freelancers are still cheaper because they don’t have to pay administrative costs such as office rent. But the big disadvantage of working with the freelancers is that they can stop communication and disappear before finishing the work or just do the work badly. Freelancers rarely sign up contracts. So basically you enter into a verbal agreement that is hard to prove. As a result, you might end up looking for those who can finish the work.

Be aware of all in one experts who will develop a website, integrate a “unique” design (which in fact will be a cheap template for $20-$50), and even set up the Internet advertising. As the experience shows, the quality of such work is very disappointing.

Website development is a complex of activities that requires at least 5 people, depending on the size of the project.

6. Is it really impossible to develop a website in 1 week?

ТОП-7 страхів клієнта перед вибором виконавця для розробки сайту: image-1Website development in such a brief time is a myth. There are different types of websites (online stores, business card websites, landing pages, portals) but none of them can be developed in a week if you are looking for a finished high-quality product. Plus, you need a unique design to distinguish it from the hundreds of thousands of others, right? You want your website to work fast and be easy to manage..?

7. Is there a risk that I won’t get my money back, even having ordered the website development from a professional web agency?

ТОП-7 страхів клієнта перед вибором виконавця для розробки сайту: image-1Yes, there is always such a risk. You should clearly understand what goals you want to achieve by bringing your business online. Our team develops the websites of varying complexity but if you don’t have the intention to take care of the project after its release, then it won’t bring you any results. The resource will simply get lost among hundreds of thousands of others.

The next stage after the website development is a promotion. Promotion is a continuous process. There are standard and non-standard, paid and free ways to promote your website. For example, if you have a unique product. It can cause a viral effect in Instagram or YouTube with a little effort. But if you sell clothes or shoes and there is a huge number of such products from different retailers on the Internet, you need to use all possible channels, including paid ones to support your success.

Our web agency works in 4 directions: website development, web design, promotion in social networks and search engines, QA testing. Thus, you can order the complex of services or a service separately. We work with businesses helping them go online since 2009. We are friends. That’s why we’re so good as a team. We are people. That’s why it is so easy to work with us. Web-Systems Solutions is an IT-company for those who are looking for a reliable web partner that increases any project success rates by offering software development services delivered by the professional team.

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