Ruslan Baginskiy

Ruslan Baginskiy, Ukrainian milliner and designer renowned for his unique and innovative creations keeps the focus on quality craftsmanship and contemporary design.The Ruslan Baginskiy Hats are represented all over the world, but the designer always emphasizes his Ukrainian origin.

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About the project

Support for a Shopify online store: a redesign of the main page and enhancements to the admin panel.

Tasks of the project

  • the layout of pages,
  • Shopify integration with the online store,
  • enhancements in admin panel to offer extensive content editing capabilities,
  • redesign of the website’s main page,
  • layout animations.

Different types of pop-ups

We implemented several types of pop-ups for the online store, where each type serves different purposes and offers unique ways to engage with website visitors.

  1. Standard pop-up: This is displayed when the site is loaded. It typically has a clean and elegant design.
  2. Interactive pop-up: This pop-up is more dynamic. It’s triggered by a button with a monogram, can be displayed in a specific location on the page, and moves along with scrolling. It might change color when on dark or light backgrounds and, when clicked, expands to show various types of content, like videos, photos, or text. This type of pop-up is often used to present additional information or engaging content, such as behind-the-scenes videos. It’s interactive and eye-catching.


Creating an online store that stands out requires more than just an attractive design. It’s about integrating intriguing and unique functionalities that capture user interest and enhance the overall shopping experience. Our team’s main task in this project was to make RB site not just creative and functional but also a pleasure to navigate.

Optimizing site speed is a constant challenge. It involved streamlining code, optimizing images, and employing the latest techniques to ensure RB site loads quickly, providing a seamless user experience.

Enhancements in Shopify admin panel for content flexibility

We’ve enhanced the functionality of the Shopify admin panel, focusing on providing the utmost flexibility in content management. For instance, we’ve added a feature where admins can effortlessly adjust font sizes to suit unique needs of the needed page.

Layout and Shopify integration with the online store

CMS Shopify allows for the quick and efficient integration of site design with functionality. We build, design, and integrate themes/layouts into a Shopify online store. You don’t need to use any third-party services to sell with Shopify. This means that your shop will be hosted on Shopify’s servers, and you’ll use their checkout process. It is SEO-friendly and provides more customization and opportunities for expanding your store. For more details about Shopify development and integrations, click here.

Solutions for Ruslan Baginskiy online store

The client came to us with some design issues on the site and wanted better-performing pages. We teamed up with the client’s in-house designer to work on the online store.

  • Analyzed the logic of an existing online store on CMS Shopify;
  • Customized the settings for each content block on the site, allowing for greater flexibility and control over the content within those blocks.
  • Created distinct menu layouts for desktop and mobile versions of the site. This ensures that the menu is responsive and user-friendly across different devices.
  • We did a redesign of the main page of the site, optimizing its visual appeal and functionality.
  • Seamlessly integrated the site’s design with the Shopify platform.
  • The admin panel has been improved to offer extensive capabilities for editing the site’s content. This empowers site owners to make updates, add new products, and modify content effortlessly.
  • The site’s layout has been enhanced with animations, adding dynamic and engaging elements that improve the user experience.

Adaptive design

Adaptive design is important because it makes sure the online store works well on all kinds of devices and screen sizes. This keeps users happy and helps the site show up better on Google because it likes mobile-friendly sites. So, it’s a big part of modern web design, making the site reach more people and keeping them engaged.

Ruslan Baginskiy online store stands out among its competitors. It offers comfortable, utilitarian, trendy hats that are proudly made in Ukraine. Our main goal was to meet the project’s objectives and deliver solutions that match this unique positioning and cater to the needs of international visitors to the online store.

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