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Integration with accounting systems

We integrate your website with accounting system
Integration with accounting systems

Integration with accounting systems allows you to synchronize with your online resource. Thanks to the available data transfer protocol (e.g. Commerce ML in 1C) – you can work out different interaction scenarios. Among them:

Import goods directly into your online store
Import goods into your mobile app
Balances synchronization in the warehouse
Editing goods from your accounting system in the admin panel of the online store
Transfer of order information
Client database synchronization
We are integrating the following accounting systems*
*Or any othe accounting system in which there is a possibility of integration
How is the process of integration is provided?
Order from you
Leave a request on our website
Discussion with the manager
At this stage, it is important to identify all the nuances and details
Transmission of information
We determine exactly what data needs shoukd be transferred from the accounting system to the website


*To integrate your site with your accounting system, we need to contact a technician who maintains your accounting system.

Video about integration with accounting system

We made the video for the maximum
explaining about integration
with accounting system

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