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Custom development for business

Development of effective and high-quality web solutions
for individual business needs
What is custom development?
«These are individual solutions for the specific needs when popular tools are not enough.»

This type of development is used to cover the needs of the business for 100%.

When do you need custom development?
Unique features that cannot be realized with existing content management systems
Stable work in conditions of high system load
Unlimited possibility of scaling
Reliable data protection and storage
Flexible possibilities of transformation
Custom development can be divided into two types
Examples of works

We develop websites and web applications that cover 100% of the given tasks with their functionality. We use solutions which ready-made analogues you will not find on the Internet and that is the main thing.

Portals and services
Portals and services
Odessa Company
Portals and services
Portals and services
Custom modules

Custom modules for a website are unique solutions to expand the functionality of the business. You do not need rework the whole project, we’ll just write a module you need and it will complement your existing resource.

«We are supporters of OpenSource community, so some of our unique solutions are available for free.»
Electronic RSO module

Electronic RSO module that integrates software RSO for CMS OpenCart and with the service. is developed for the most convenient integration of online stores. Supported by OpenCart ver. 2.1-2.31/3.0х

Module of
nomenclatures migration for
CMS OpenCart <—> Shopify

The module makes possible to migrate products, categories, manufacturers from Shopify to OpenCart and vice versa. Supported by OpenCart ver. 2x / Shopify

Import / export module
of goods in Google Sheets

Supported by OpenCart ver. 2x

Authorization module via Facebook / Google

Module of users  authorization / registration using social networks. Google and Facebook. Supported by OpenCart ver. 2x

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