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"WinTechSolutions" provides advanced European equipment for utility and construction enterprises. The company is entering the Ukrainian market and actively participating in tenders, therefore, there's a need for a corporate website development to introduce the team and showcase products in the online space.

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About the project

Development of a corporate website showcasing specialized equipment on CMS WordPress.

Tasks of the project

  • establish a web presence for an eCommerce player lacking an online platform, emphasizing self-presentation, product offerings, and guarantees,
  • create a visually cohesive website design aligned with the client’s existing corporate style, 
  • create a modern, user-friendly structure with engaging design elements,
  • add scroll animations for a dynamic user experience,
  • develop the corporate website in short terms, allowing the company to communicate its identity and offerings without delay.

Vehicle schematics

We implemented a hover animation for product categories, featuring diagrams and 3D photos of the equipment. Our designers crafted schematics based on provided photo material to enhance the visual experience when users hover over the respective blocks.


We combined both an online store and a corporate website for this project. The final result is a product-focused website that functions more as a catalog than a traditional store. This approach aligns perfectly with our client’s B2B and GovTech-oriented objectives, offering the best solution for their needs.

Product categories

Product categories are vital for organizing and structuring items on a website, enhancing search and navigation for visitors and overall usability. Usability refers to the ease and efficiency with which users can interact with a website. Its main principles include simplicity, consistency, flexibility, clarity, and feedback. Read more about it here.

On the WinTechSolutions website, product categories encompass a model range of the chosen special equipment category. Upon selecting a category, users can seamlessly transition to the product catalog, ensuring a user-friendly and organized user experience.

Product card

We designed the product card for WinTechSolutions to be concise and straightforward, with a primary focus on highlighting the technical specifications of the car. The goal is to draw attention to the key features and specifications of the vehicle.

Solutions for "WinTechSolutions"

  • We successfully created a corporate website for WinTechSolutions, specializing in sales of utility and construction equipment.
  • Our design choices align seamlessly with the established WinTechSolutions brand and communication style.
  • To enhance visual appeal, we incorporated page animations and animated sections featuring vehicle schematics.
  • We completed the layout of the site pages and seamlessly integrated the website with the CMS WordPress.

Adaptive design

Adaptive design ensures an equally high level of user-friendliness for all users, regardless of the device they use: computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Considering the project’s tight deadlines and minimal requirements, we crafted modern design solutions and chose technologies tailored to the objectives of the corporate website.

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