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02 Березня 2017

The silver developer of online stores in Ukraine!

The silver developer of online stores in Ukraine!

Almost 500 web studios from all over Ukraine presented their works to the experts and users. Today are determined three winners of 2016. WEB SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS team took second place and received a silver crown online stores developers on CMS OpenCart. How we were striving for victory - read the article!

Блог - «Срібний розробник» інтернет-магазинів України : image-

We took the second place in the TOP-10 developers of online stores in 2016! Work in the area of e-commerce – is our priority. And OpenCart is one of the most popular technologies among our customers. We even have specially designed Brief to order online store on this CMS. The document was created with a team of developers and project managers based on the analysis of customer feedback.


Working in the web services market since 2009, we have implemented more than a dozen projects in the field of e-commerce. Considering the huge demand for technology among our customers, we have formed a separate division, which is developing projects specifically for OpenCart.We regularly check for updates of technology, lead internal workshops to share experiences and improve our knowledge. All innovations and nuances that affect the quality of the project are brought in our internal ” development standards system “.Ready-made web solutions necessarily pass through optimisation for further SEO-promotion. It is not enough just to create an online store, you also need to attract targeted traffic, then the efficiency of the Internet project will be maximised.


CMS OpenCart is designed specifically for online stores and literally translates as “open basket”.In this CMS everything is considered for selling – basket, user page, Registration Form, built-in functions of multi-currency and multi-language. You can read more about the benefits of the technology here.

Thank IT rating UA resource for objective assessment and the excellent work organisation! And also want to say big thanks to our customers – thank you, we create not just new projects, but we bring the most ambitious ideas to life!

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