OpenCart 2.2: description for customer

OpenCart 2.2: description for customer

For the customer, it is often difficult to choose which CMS is better to use for his Project. That’s why we have decided to create a “Customers guide” – the series of articles about all technologies, we work with. To show the light description of each CMS, framework and library. So it will be easier to understand, what we are doing. And to choose the technology, which will perfectly fit all projects needs.

Series of articles “Customers guide” opens CMS OpenCart.

For now, it is one of the most popular tools for our customers. We have created dozens of online stores, using this particular engine. In cases when we need to have Cart, Clients page or to realise the Registration on te website – OpenCart do its best. Maybe because this CMS was created for online stores 

Few more reasons to use OpenCart

  • integrated multilanguage and multi-currency modules for free;
  • productivity. This CMS doesn’t use cache plugin that means, it saves your server resources. Web site download speed is really fast;
  • simple admin panel. Even if you are not a proficient user, you will find necessary elements easily. Using OpenCart user may change mostly everything on his website. Plus, it has responsive version – you may work on your site via smartphone;
  • lots of shipping and payment modules for free. Paid plugins are less expensive than in other CMSs. It means, the total sum of your Project will include proficient developers work – but not extra modules purchase;
  • cross-browser is simple – everything works in all popular browsers, not harming the Design;
  • OpenCart 2.2 doesn’t have many requirements to your hosting, nevertheless, it gives you strong protection from viruses. So visitors data will be secure, and they may easily do  shopping. Without stress, that information from their credit cards might be stollen.

This list could be much longer, but we just don’t want you to spend much time on back-enders features. But if you are still hesitating: OpenCart2.2 gives statistics of sales, supports  different payment systems, makes easy and fast reserve backup.

Hope, you’ve got enough information to make the right choice. And of course, in our next articles, we will continue introducing all modern development tools to you.

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