Framework Yii2. User guide

Framework Yii2. User guide

For those who are quite new, YII – it is not the Roman numerals, it is the name of a very popular tool for web development. According to Wikipedia, it’s right to read Yii as [ji:], because thіs name comes from the phrase «Yes It Is!». Today we will figure out why developers and ordinary users enthuse over this tool.

Well, very briefly about the characteristics

The Yii framework – a framework for web development in PHP language, based on the MVC paradigm. It is fully object-oriented and uses all advantages of advanced PHP functions (PHP standard library, late static binding, and anonymous functions). In the Yii2 framework is used a namespace, and so components, widgets, and models are fully separated, that greatly simplifies coding. We only add that the frame is very easy to install, has a low barrier of entry, wide Ukrainian community of developers and special training site.

But what is for users?

In the Clever case study was written, that we’ve chosen the Yii framework because it can be used to create a unique admin panel considering all customer wishes. But it’s not all features. Using Yii 2 you get:

budget savings and project timeline

Гід користувача. Фреймворк Yii2: image-1Inbuilt Gii module, running directly in the browser, give a chance quickly generate the appropriate forms, classes and controllers and also modular framework and extensions. To carry out interception and error handling directly in the course of development that is to work by the TDD method. This means that the creation of the project will involve fewer employees, and spent fewer work-hours.

the ability to change virtually any website element

Гід користувача. Фреймворк Yii2: image-1The framework allows you to create your own elements, choose an elegant design or change it using the built-in themes. The framework is really flexible – allowing you to experiment with almost every element of the site, expanding its capabilities. Do you want to manage the store from your smartphone? Adaptive CMS – no problems.

data security guarantee

Гід користувача. Фреймворк Yii2: image-1At once, Yii has a security component. There are also ready-made classes for secure authentication and user authorization.  One of the most interesting – RBAC. It controls access based on roles (eg. Administrator, moderator). For example, in a forum or feedback page, you can allow the person to edit your comment, while he will not be able to change other users’ comments.

really high speed

Гід користувача. Фреймворк Yii2: image-1Nothing is more annoying than a slowly loaded page. Rid your site visitors from an excessive stimulus, let perceive information in a good mood. Yii caching system allows you to make page loading process quick as lightning 

For which projects does it fit?

Yii is created for the development of technically complex projects that require fast interaction:

  • online stores with complex business logic
  • CMSes
  • business applications
  • web services
  • portals and forums

Instead of a conclusion

While we were preparing the article, was released a new version of Yii2.10  with a number of improvements. In addition to more than 80 additional bug fixes, was optimized internal migration of namespaces. Now it’s enough once to specify the path to the desired folder, then Yii will do everything itself – see «budget savings and project timeline». Also added the ability for SEO-optimization (you can choose to specify a slash at the end of the reference or not). And it opened the opportunity to work through the console, for those who love it. Regular updates – confirms the usability and relevance of the technology. As well as evidence of is its demand in the market. Our projects created in Yii can be found in the portfolio

If you have questions – write, your personal manager will be happy to answer them!

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