How to create an online store from scratch

How to create an online store from scratch

Do you dream to do business on the Internet without leaving your cozy home? Today it is quite possible. The sphere of e-Commerce in Ukraine is growing rapidly, buying goods and services online is much easier, and often even cheaper.

Internet-shops are beneficial not only for large companies that have long survived on the market, but also for private individuals not involved in commerce. You do not need to be a businessman, have a large number of suppliers, warehouses in order to start selling online.

What is an effective online store? Not such a simple thing, as it may seem 🙂 It is worth thinking about everything and, when working out, asking for help from professionals.

What is important for creating an online store?

  1. Detailed analysis of the chosen niche for business, competitors and suppliers. You can choose a popular niche and have many customers. But a lot of competitors, as well 🙂 And you can choose a unique niche, where competitors will be scarce (or will not be at all). But in this case, it will be necessary to spend considerable money on the advertisement of the goods.
  2. Preparing a business plan. Here are some important points: the target audience, the psychological portrait of a potential buyer, an assessment of his purchasing power, etc. And also: studying the features of the market, the level of demand, processing the future range and calculation of the cost of the site and advertising.
  3. Projection of payback of the project, which will help to understand better how your business is developing successfully.
  4. Technical side. Creating an online store. One of the most difficult stages. Which includes: the process of designing a website, developing the design of an online store, as well as – the choice of a convenient, and most importantly – reliable CMS platform.The modern user is extremely demanding, so developers have to make every effort to create a truly competitive online store. This site should be user friendly, intuitive, fast and attractive for users.
  5. Adaptability. An important part of a successful business. After all, users are increasingly using mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops. Adaptability ensures the correct display of the site on different devices. If your site is not adaptive – you lose a lot of potential buyers.
  6. Ad customization. Preparing the store for promotion. Contextual and display advertising. Work in social networks and e-mail distribution settings. Effective customer service – immediately distinguishes you from others in the marketplace.
  7. Analytics. As with any other business, it will be necessary to track and monitor its performance, such as statistics on visits and traffic channels, the ratio of visitors and buyers, the average check, the percentage of abandoned baskets, etc. All these data will help you solve the problems and choose the right path to development.

Can I try to save my budget and create the online store by myself?

Of course, this is a commendable, but not always justifiable step. Especially if the owner of the online store decides to make the necessary changes to the program code, layout or design, while not having the appropriate skills in the development of online stores. The task of the owner of an online store – it is wise to dispose of the available means and time (because they are limited).

Therefore, it is important to correctly delegate work in different directions in order to get a good result.

It’s best to trust professionals in this matter. The Web-Systems Solutions team creates individualized online stores for different types of orders.

If You are hesitating between an online store and your own site, we have already written an article on this topic, which You can see here:


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