Types of sites and online stores

Types of sites and online stores

Would you like to order a site, but lose among the diversity and opportunities? How to understand what kind of site is best suited for your business and effectively advertise a product or service?.. Today we will help you to understand the theory and choose a site special for you. Let’s look at the most popular types of sites, as well as their specifics: which site what problems solves.

Business card website. This is the simplest site that does not contain many pages. Usually – they are not more than 10. As a rule, from any page you can immediately switch to any other. They are intended for a brief description of the company, dating the user with the services, as well as providing contact information. This is the  best option for newcomers. This is a business card with useful information about the service / product.

Landing page. A one-page site designed to induce visitors to take action. Landings are most often used to promote one product, sometimes it can be a group of goods, combined by the same functions. Land – page, contains only basic information. There are no additional blocks, links, large volumes of texts, etc. This is one of the most commonly used options in the field of online sales, since it can focus the user on one product and not let it go to the end.

Company website with a catalog of products. In essence, also a site-calling card. However, in addition to brief information, there is also a catalog of all services provided by the company. Sometimes such a list can be quite large. In this case, the site makes a convenient navigation system with categories, filters, etc. This is a site with a large number of pages, sections and subdivisions. Of course, a site catalog can contain company data, contacts, history, but its characteristic feature is the availability of an expanded catalog of your products or services. Such sites usually attract clients much more effectively than a site-calling card. So it will be a good option for medium and large businesses.

Online Store. On sites of this type there is a list of products that the user can order online. The main difference between an online store and a regular store is the lack of any physical means. If in a regular store you need a trading room, showcases, price tags, salesmen, consultants, then in the online store, all the infrastructure is implemented software.

Online stores are distinguished by scale: 

  • hypermarkets (with a lot of non-unique products – 1000 – 100000);
  • small online stores (with a limited number of unique products – 100-1000). The uniqueness of the goods means that this is a manual work or store owned by the manufacturer.

Promo site. Another kind of web advertising, a kind of online booklet. Such sites serve as a vivid presentation of a product or service, a large-scale PR campaign. Promotional sites are usually created on the eve of a specific event or the release of a new product. A characteristic feature is also the large number of graphics and multimedia presentations of the product. Promotional sites are interactive – the visitor can influence, for example, the color of the product or its complete set, in order to better understand what kind of look will have a potential purchase.

Information portal. This is a site that contain a variety of articles on any topic. It can also combine information gathered from other resources. Information portal – a fairly complex site with a lot of pages and branched structure.

That’s why one of the peculiarities of web design of an information portal is the great depth of the site and well thought out navigation. The development of an information portal may be required by various information agencies, the media, and public organizations.

Corporate site – a site with powerful functionality and an extensive structure with a large number of sections and subdivisions containing detailed information about the company and its services (or products). This is the most advantageous option for medium and large businesses, for large enterprises with several activities, affiliates, units.

And now, briefly sum up:

Business card website – company’s directory.

Landing is a user’s inducement to perform a certain action.

Site catalog – electronic catalog of products.

Online Store – Online Sales.

The promo site is a great advertising tool.

Site portal – the maximum amount of useful information.

Corporate site – a super-option for large and medium-sized businesses.

Now, you can easily choose the type of site that best suits your needs! And the Web-Systems Solutions company, for its part, will help make your dreams come true!


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