Fixed-price contract for Shopify app development: why it doesn’t work?

Fixed-price contract for Shopify app development: why it doesn’t work?

In this quick overview, we’ll explore the demands of app development for Shopify. We’ll delve into its complexities and discuss why fixed-price apps may not always be the best fit. By the end, you’ll have a deeper understanding and be better equipped to make informed decisions for your app development needs. Let’s dive in!

Creating an application/module for Shopify involves several stages:

  1. Standard development – this phase includes designing, front-end, and back-end development.
  2. Customization and review stage – here, we make it unique by adding a custom name, logo, and colours.
  3. Publishing the app and communicating with Shopify support. This stage is the most challenging to evaluate in advance, making it difficult to estimate how many hours developers will spend here.

The model of fixed-price app development for Shopify

Fixed-price app development for Shopify is a model where clients and development agencies agree on a fixed cost for the entire project upfront, providing a clear budget from the outset. 

Clients often find comfort in fixed-price app development because it allows them to be sure of the project’s total cost without unexpected expenses. Moreover, fixed-price development can be appealing when clients have specific project requirements and well-defined deliverables in mind. 

In the following sections, we will explore the complexities and dynamic nature of Shopify app development, delving into why fixed-price app development may not always be the most suitable option for Shopify projects. By understanding the potential drawbacks and considering alternative approaches, you can make more informed decisions to achieve a successful and seamless app development experience with our team.

How much does it cost to make an app for Shopify?

Factors such as the project’s complexity, the expertise of the Shopify specialist, the specific services integrations, and modifications within the review stage can influence the cost of the project.

When it comes to the fixed-price project model, it may not be suitable for all Shopify projects. Developing an application for Shopify involves standard developer work as well as additional tasks related to application design, app approval process (read here how to pass it without unexpected challenges), communication with the testing service, and technical support from Shopify. 

As a result, project requirements may evolve during the development process, and a fixed project fee may not always be the most optimal choice. In such cases, an hourly rate may be a more appropriate and flexible approach.

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The hourly rate advantage in Shopify app development

Hourly rates offer clients the advantage of cost flexibility as they only pay for the actual hours worked. That’s why a fixed-price model is weak here, especially when the Shopify app project scope is subject to change or requires additional features after the review stage and meanwhile app publication.

  1. With hourly rates, clients receive detailed breakdowns of the tasks and the hours dedicated to each aspect of the project. This level of transparency allows clients to stay informed about the progress and value of the work being done.
  2. Hourly rates also accommodate iterative development, enabling clients to provide feedback throughout the process, fostering a collaborative approach. This partnership between clients and developers leads to a better understanding of client requirements, resulting in higher client satisfaction.
  3. By choosing hourly rates, clients can be confident in their ability to adapt and fine-tune the development process to achieve the desired outcomes effectively. It allows developers to address complexities without the limitations of fixed-price models, making it a well-suited option for projects where flexibility and collaboration are key.

Why Shopify app development can’t be fixed-price?

App development is a journey of continuous innovation and adaptability. Clients often seek unique and custom solutions that demand flexibility and creativity from our development team.

Rigid fixed-price models don’t fit Shopify app projects, as each one requires tailored solutions to meet specific needs and address emerging demands after the Shopify review process effectively.

Let’s explore how modifications during the review process and submitting the Shopify app impact the fixed-price Shopify app project:

  • Modifications often involve an iterative development approach, where our developers provide feedback to the Shopify Support team throughout the process to fine-tune the app. This feedback loop can lead to scope changes, making it challenging to stick to a fixed-price model.
  • The complexity of the app’s idea may also lead to unforeseen challenges during the review process. Addressing these challenges may require additional resources, leading to deviations from the original fixed-price estimation.
  • Clients may envision future enhancements or expansions for their Shopify app. Fixed-price models may not adequately accommodate such future developments, limiting the app’s potential for growth and adaptability.

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