Business trip to Frankfurt. Interview with the developers

Business trip to Frankfurt. Interview with the developers

We have already mentioned in social networks that recently our colleagues went on the business trip to Frankfurt. Finally, it’s time to reveal all the details of the trip, as well as to tell more about our Ukrainian-German cooperation.
Of course, we got our travelers really fed up with a number of questions. The first thing everyone wanted to hear is what they think about one of the most developed countries in Europe. And that’s what patiently they told us.

Back-End Developer Dima spoke about what immediately caught the eye,
“A lot of wind generators. I have noticed that alternative energy is well developed in Germany. Clean streets and good roads…which was expected. Although, I wouldn’t say that they are any special or different from the route Kiev-Chop, for example. People are very calm, never in a hurry. They are kind of slow on the roads, even though they have good and potentially fast cars. Everything is done according to schedule. Society is very multinational. Only in this one company, we cooperate with the Germans, Italians, Ukrainians, Russians, Uzbeks and Kazakhs work”.

By the way, the company Neue Energie with which our guys have been working for about a year is also a very interesting topic for conversation. What company does is helping people find best saving offers from private electricity and gas suppliers.

Dima explained:
“In Ukraine, the state is an energy supplier. As a result, a price that the entire population pays for electricity and gas is also determined by the state. In Germany, people can choose from whom to buy energy. Each energy company offers their tariffs depending on the city, amount of resources consumed per year and other factors. Neue Energie helps customers choose the most suitable tariff.

We have a common practice when companies themselves call people and offer their services. For example, the Internet provider Volia can call you and ask, “With your provider you pay 100 UAH for the Internet now, but do you want to pay 80 UAH?” And you sign a contract with them for a year. Then Kyivstar calls and offers you to pay 50 UAH. And you switch to their tariff. Then Volia offers you a better plan and it continues again and again.

Neue Energie offers a web portal where all tariffs from different suppliers are collected. The client can choose the most suitable tariff for himself without any additional help. As a result, both supplier companies that work through Neue Energie intermediaries and consumers are happy and satisfied. Often customers call and thank for help, which is very nice”.

Dima also told about the web portal itself and about our contributions to this project, “On the portal, consumer can specify his or her zip code (we plan to add the ability to specify the street and house numbers for more accurate selection of tariffs in the future), as well as the amount of energy consumed per year, current provider and tariff. In response, the person gets the information that we receive from suppliers API and process. We calculate the cost of electricity or gas for different tariffs as well as how much you can save and show the result to the user. After that person chooses a tariff and signs a contract. Neue Energie passes this contract to the supplier company whose tariff was chosen using API too.

On the project, we were expanding existing functionality as well as developing some new functions. For example, we implemented a bonus program that allows affiliate program users to buy different items in company’s online store using bonuses.

And very recently we launched another web portal, but it is for internal use only. It’s also based on a tariff selection calculator, but it has another business logic. On the project, I’m responsible for back-end tasks. I work with the Symfony2 PHP framework. Vitalik (our Front-End Developer) is engaged in the front-end portion of work. He codes with Ember.js”.

The purpose of our trip to Germany, besides discussing the current project, was to address yet another very important issue, the prospects of full-scale cooperation.

Vladimir Shchigol (our CEO) confessed this a little bit later, “Due to the continuing growth of Neue Energie, the number of interesting tasks will only increase. Very soon we will need new talented developers with knowledge of PHP and JavaScript frameworks. So we invite all energetic, ready to learn and work according to German quality standards programmers to join our team. I promise it will be interesting.”
You can apply for a position here – http://https://web-systems.solutions/jobs



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