How to remove shipping calculated at checkout Shopify?

How to remove shipping calculated at checkout Shopify?

If a Shopify store is offering free shipping and a merchant wants to provide the best user experience for customers, then it becomes important to remove the shipping calculated at checkout text in Shopify cart page. “Shipping calculated at checkout” message regards only about shipping rates option the merchant is using. But this small thing might be confusing for online store customers.

How is shipping calculated regards the customer journey?

A person who just has come to the Shopify store can think that it might be an additional cost included in the shipping cost. So, this small thing can insite some extra hesitation about making the purchase. Besides. this doesn’t look good and it can also reduce the conversion rate. If the online store chooses to increase sales by offering free shipping, you should definitely remove the shipping calculated during checkout.

How to change shipping calculated text at checkout Shopify?

You can find the notification “shipping calculated at checkout” directly under the prices on your items at checkout.

Now we will show you how to remove taxes and shipping calculated at checkout in the Shopify cart page and so visually improve your Shopify checkout. No code needed 

  1. To change or delete “shipping calculated” log on to your Shopify store.
  2. Once you log on to your Shopify store in the navigation panel click on Themes, then navigate to Actions.
  3. Then choose Edit Language. 
  4. Once you click on Edit Languages then go to the Cart page or use the filter box to type in “Shipping Calculated at checkout”.
  5. You will see every section of your shop where shipping calculated at checkout is displayed.
  6. Then navigate down and delete the code inside the symbols that are given in brackets. “a href=” link ” Shipping/a calculated at checkout.” and name it shipping costs f.e..
  7. Once you delete this then click on Save
  8. Then navigate back to the store and Refresh, and that’s it’s all gone.

How to increase Shopify conversion rate?

Shopify is flexible enough to implement new tools for scaling sales.

  • Add welcome push notifications to the store. You can customize messages with an offer for first-time customers, a discount code or a personal coupon.
  • Develop email marketing campaigns. The trick is to send a link to an abandoned cart. And thanks to a Shopify email marketing tool, you can send these emails automatically.
  • Utilize SMS notifications for better engagement. According to Statistics in 2022, 75% of clients still want to receive offers via SMS and 98% of text messages are opened and read. Shopify offers to use apps for automating SMS marketing.
  • Build organic traffic and make good SEO. Search engines are friendly to Shopify stores and give them more visibility.
  • Start blogging. Shopify has a built-in blog feature, so you can start creating content that helps to convert the store’s traffic into sales.

Want to modify or custom changes on Shopify store? 

Creating a perfect online store takes additional bespoke efforts. Now you know how to remove the “Shipping calculated at checkout” message because it won’t help you converting more prospects into customers and buyers. 

But some custom changes can help do this! Web-Systems Solutions team can analyze and implement any custom changes to the Shopify online store. If you need to set up a custom Shopify template (or a page), do a few Shopify theme modification and customization, or develop a fully custom checkout (theme from scratch) in your Shopify store, contact us to get a helping hand.

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