Interview with the developers: about students, internship and opportunities for future programmers

Interview with the developers: about students, internship and opportunities for future programmers

Інтерв’ю з розробниками: про студентів, практику та можливості для майбутніх програмістів: image-1Practical training, practice, internship – these are some of the variants of how our students call free three weeks practical course in programming taught by the professional web developers which have been organized by our company for 5 years already. Students are split into two groups Front-end and Back-end. During the program, students complete the tasks that programmers face every day. They also develop their own web projects under the guidance of curators.


What are the requirements for participating in the program and who is it designed for?

We need to understand that this is not learning programming from scratch. It is an opportunity to gain practical experience, to do an internship in an IT company. Therefore, the main requirement to the students is the knowledge of theoretical basics. It is designed primarily for university and computer courses students. Also, self-learned people who learned to programme by themselves by different means such as literature, online lessons, etc. can apply too.

Why do we do this?

We want to help talented developers to fulfill their potential. At the theoretical stage of studying this doesn’t always happen. It is quite different when a future programmer starts searching for solutions to the real tasks. All of us used to be the students and we know how important practice is for both learning and even for choosing a profession. Besides the practice, we also give students the opportunity to see the IT kitchen from the inside which is also important for forming an integral picture of the programmer’s work.

A few paragraphs about the current course

During the course, we asked about the studying process not only the students but also their mentors. That’s what our developers told us. 

Інтерв’ю з розробниками: про студентів, практику та можливості для майбутніх програмістів: image-1Vitaliy, curator of the Front-end group

I was also a student at Web-Systems Solutions. I used to attend an internship here. Practice has given me a lot including the opportunity to work in the company.
Now I’m working and teaching here. I have 3 students who are doing this practical course. As part of the course we are getting to know more about technologies such as Ember, Bootstrap, JQuery.

We already have the idea of our own project. We will build the client application in Ember.js.
We try to take some new technologies for each course. For example, with the students of the previous course we studied Angular. We also did the project. That time our Front-end group decided to cooperate with the Back-end group. It turned out very well. By the way, two students from that course joined our team and now work as developers in our company.

This practical course is a unique opportunity for students. I can tell it from my own experience. 

Alexander, curator of the Back-end group 

In my group there are 6 university students, one person who just wishes to take a practical course in our company, and three employees of our company – 10 people total. By the way, we didn’t do it before, I mean engaging employees in the studying process as students. In fact, this is a very cool opportunity to learn new technologies. For example, Front-end specialists can take a course on back-end technologies and learn from their colleagues and vice versa. For example our colleague Account manager Valery is now taking a practical course on PHP, although he doesn’t even work as a technical specialist. He just learned the language for himself.

Інтерв’ю з розробниками: про студентів, практику та можливості для майбутніх програмістів: image-1In this course, we get acquainted with the Yii2 framework. Our students chose this framework over the other options. We started with the foundation which is PHP. I gave the students the good studying materials split into levels. Trainees complete the tasks and upload them to the repository where I check the work. If there are questions in the process of completing assignments, students tell me about this and we go through the task together. The second stage of training is the Yii2 framework itself. At this point, we will be making our online store using this technology.

I really enjoy working with students. I remember myself and I even regret that I didn’t have such an opportunity when I was in school. I want to say that all students are doing a great job. They want to work in IT, so they are very engaged during the course. But you need to understand that you can not become a specialist in 3 weeks. Work should be continued after the course too. I am ready to continue our cooperation with those who really want to work hard to get into IT sphere in the future.

Our door is always open to those who want to learn. If you are interested in our practical course, you can join our next group. Just write and tell us about it.
We’re really into our job, so we are very pleased when people show interest in it and we are even happier when our students make progress. In the next article, we will tell about one of our students who came to us as a trainee and grew up to a professional developer.

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