Why do you need a mobile version of the website?

Why do you need a mobile version of the website?

Why do you need a mobile version of the website?

More and more visitors go online from mobile devices. In a cafe, transport or on a walk – the smartphone is a constant companion of the modern person. If you want your products to be available to potential buyers, you should take care of the availability of the web resource from a mobile device. The next step after the responsive web-design is the mobile version. In the article, we will find out why large brands in addition to responsive design choose a mobile version of the website.

What is a mobile version of the website?

This is still your website, only with a slightly simplified structure – a specially designed copy of the main site, modified for viewing from mobile devices. Developing a mobile version of a website, only the most important information and a minimum of graphics are left on the pages. The navigation is greatly simplified, the text is also minimally reduced. A mobile website has many advantages, because of which even large companies choose a mobile version in addition to the main resource.

Comparison of the adaptive and mobile version, on examples of large companies


Why do you need a mobile version if you have a responsive design?

2017 Google Trend is the download speed. Not the every user always has a high-speed mobile Internet. The mobile version is loaded much faster than the usual responsive website.And if you connect the AMP technology, then the downloading goes at lightning speed. Going to the mobile version, users do not have to wait until the content loads (which means that the number of visitors who left the page during downloading reduce). From the view of marketing, it significantly increases the loyalty of visitors, helps to form a positive image of the company, to increase the level of trust. Importantly, in the search engine result, the website with the mobile version will be ranked higher, the mobile version with the connected AMP technology is even higher. P.S. Details about all the advantages of AMP will be described in the next article.


Still in doubt, is it worth to order a mobile version?

According to Gemius Ukraine researchers, in June 2016 – exactly one year ago, approx of 8 million users go online every month from smartphones and tablets. Such figures simply do not allow to ignore the rapidly developing market of mobile Internet commerce. Web sites with a mobile version have long been not just a fashion, but a necessity.

Google analysts say – even if the purchase was made from a computer, the search for the product still more often occurs from the smartphone. In order not to lose your potential customers, you need to provide a convenient and fast browsing of your web resource pages from mobile devices.

Order a mobile version, or just limit yourself to a responsive design – everyone decides for himself. However, the trends in the web development market and the demands of Google are increasingly pushing towards the decision to optimise websites for mobile devices. Perhaps it is worth already today to choose for yourself a more modern solution, to always be one step ahead of competitors.

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