Business in the Digital Age: A New Look at Marketing (Interview)

Business in the Digital Age: A New Look at Marketing (Interview)

Бізнес в епоху цифрових технологій: новий погляд на маркетинг (інтерв’ю): image-1Last weekend, our colleagues visited one of the largest conferences on Internet marketing and business promotion iCamp 2017. There were 4 streams of conference SMM, SEO&Google AdWords, marketing, and master classes from the experts. Our marketers attended many interesting lectures in each of the directions. New ideas and lifehacks from the speakers are already taken into consideration and even tried out. In this interview, they share some of them, as well as talk about their impressions of participating in the conference.

Igor, SEO Specialist

When you work in a certain sphere for many years, you can analyze trends, make your own forecast. So I was going to the conference with some ideas, hypotheses, which I wasn’t one hundred percent sure but which were proved correct by the end of the day. Also, I heard a lot of new information that somehow changed my views on SEO, in particular on the tools that we use every day. It turned out that specialists underestimated the potential of many of them. I will not disclose which tools I’m talking about, but I can tell that with their help we can get unbelievably accurate data for analysis in a very short period.
The speeches of the lecturers formed one complete picture which made it possible to see the whole process of website promotion from the different perspective. It includes competitor and niche analysis, development of website structure, content strategy, internal and external optimization. Technologies do not stand still, and the way they are used is changing too, becoming more qualitative and effective.
Another important aspect for specialists is a data visualization. A report on this topic was very helpful because the proper organization of the project and ability to see all the indicators and numbers clear allow you to carry out its analysis quickly and accurately.
To sum up, I’d like to say that this event did broaden my knowledge of techniques and trends. I already had a chance to try out some lifehacks from the speakers and I can say that they do work. We will continue to apply this knowledge in the future projects.

Eugene, Targetologist

I heard a lot of interesting reports on the trends of social networks promotion, on Internet advertising in general, participated in a master class on using marketing tools to track the behavior of customers on the website during this event. To sum up everything I heard from the best specialists in this field, I want to tell that both specialists and business owners should keep in mind the following ideas:

  • video content remains a trend. Ranking algorithms in different social networks, including Facebook, are constantly changing, but the video was, is and will be a unique and relevant content people respond well too. As a result, high-quality video content can work for you and your brand for only $1 per day;
  • do not expect that advertising will work immediately. First, you need to get to know your audience well, learn what they like and see how your potential customers would react to your offer. This part requires time and money. Most marketers at the conference work with the big companies. And from their own experience, they recommend spending at least $500 for a monthly test budget. Secondly, if we talk about advertising in the social networks, we should consider that most of them work as the auction, and, as you know, the main rule of the auction is that you need to warm it up if you want to be noticed;
  • mobile applications ads do not work. Don’t spend your budget on ads that are annoying. What do you do when the ads pop up in the application? That’s right, you click the close button immediately. So does most people;
  • customers who like to criticize often become an effective source of advertising. If you can find an individual approach to the client, and especially to the fastidious one, he is most likely to recommend your services or product to others.

Valerii, Account Manager

After having listened to the different reports on the Internet marketing at the conference, I wrote down 5 main theses for myself which summarize the general idea of what the speakers said.

  1. Digital marketing should be comprehensive. If your business has SEO, it means that it has only SEO. If you have SMM (social media marketing), it means that you have only SMM.
  2. A website is just a part of marketing strategy.
  3. Before getting a website, you need to develop a marketing strategy.
  4. It is better to work with companies that provide the whole range of services: from creating a strategy and developing a website to maintaining pages in social networks.
  5. The ultimate goal of marketing is income and it can only be achieved through an integrated approach.


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