OpenCart Extensions. New Social Authorization Solution for Your Online Store

OpenCart Extensions. New Social Authorization Solution for Your Online Store

One of the ways to simplify the process of authorization and registration of the users in your online store is by adding the ability for them to log in via the popular social media. A special module can solve this task. Created by our developers CMS OpenCart module “OpenСart Social Networking Authorization” supports two social networks Facebook and Google+ right now. We also plan to add Twitter and Instagram in the future.

This module is completely independent of third-party services and has a high level of security which makes it a unique solution among the free extensions.
Today, there are many authorization modules but as a rule, they depend on other services that can access your users’ data at any time. Our extension stores all information about your clients only on the dashboard of your resource. In addition, it doesn’t contain ads, unlike other free modules.

Other features of the module

The extension is also very easy to use. All module settings necessary to manage user registration on the website are available at the dashboard. Synchronization of existing users with authorized via social networks ones occurs automatically.
In addition, you don’t need deep programming skills to install an extension to your website. It is enough to follow the step-by-step guide you’ll find in our GitHub repository (see readme.txt file). 
There are no special technical requirements for the installation either. All you should do is to create the apps in the corresponding social networks. The process is described in the same instruction.
As for version compatibility, the module was developed and tested for the most stable version of OpenCart 2.1. It also supports versions 2.2 and 2.3 but with some additional setups. The extension neither overwrites core files nor affect the folder structure.
And last but not least, it’s absolutely free to use!

Thus, if you choose our module, you get

  • user authorization/registration via Facebook and Google+ in your online store;
  • ability to manage the process of authorization in the dashboard;
  • users automatic synchronization;
  • secure storage of your clients’ personal data.

Note the following features of this extension

  • it was tested and supports OpenCart 2.1 version, 2.2 and 2.3 are also the compatible versions but if with the additional settings;
  • it requires applications in the social networks;
  • it is easy to manage in the dashboard;
  • it does not overwrite other files during installation.

Download it for free in our GitHub repo
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