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26 September 2018

The OpenCart Module for Deleting Repetitive Links

The OpenCart Module for Deleting Repetitive Links

Free OpenCart module for deleting common links to a current page and installation instructions to it are available in our GitHub.

Модуль OpenCart для видалення циклічних посилань: image-1Repetitive links refer to the links that lead to the same page on the website. For example, when you are on the homepage and click on the logo, the web page reloads, but you’re still on the homepage. Ideally, this should not happen. Such links are harmful for SEO as they can make bots go round in circles, as well as for for usability since they confuse users who expect that every link should take them somewhere.

Модуль OpenCart для видалення циклічних посилань: image-1The reasons why repetitive links appear on the websites may be features of the content management system or plug-in, mistakes during website layout design. Unfortunately, they are found on almost every website, and for sure, there are some on your website too.

To improve the experience of using your website, to keep its position in the search engines, we designed a special module that removes repetitive links. The module is suitable for online stores and other e-commerce websites on CMS OpenCart 2.0-2.3, 3.0 versions.

Free OpenCart module and installation instructions to it are available in our GitHub.

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