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OpenCart Social Login Module: New Version

03 Dec 2018
Author:Web Systems

A new version of the OpenCart social login module OpenCart-Social-Networking-Authorization is available now. 2.1 module version supports authorization via Instagram.

What’s new in version 2.1?

The OpenCart-Social-Networking-Authorization extension created by our developers will simplify the lives of users of your website by letting them log in using popular social networks Google+, Facebook, and now Instagram. Another update is that the site will request the user’s e-mail if the email address is not specified in the social network account. We also changed the Facebook authorization algorithm. Now it works through OAuth 2.

Our social login module features

The module is still independent of third-party services and has a high level of security which makes it a unique solution among the free extensions. Today, there are many authorization modules that depend on other services that can access your users’ data at any time. Our extension stores all the information about your clients only on the dashboard of your resource. In addition, it doesn’t contain ads, unlike other free modules. This extension, like its previous versions, neither overwrites core files nor affect the folder structure. And some more good news: the module remains completely free. Download the extension and installation instructions for free in our GitHub.

Installation requirements

There are no special technical requirements for the installation. All you should do is to create the apps in the corresponding social networks. The process is described in the instructions. As for version compatibility, the module was developed and tested for the most stable version of OpenCart 2.1. It also supports versions 2.2 and 2.3 but with some additional setups. 

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