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05 April 2019

PWAs – Modern Way For Sticking With Your Customer

PWAs – Modern Way For Sticking With Your Customer

What are PWAs and how they can help the business - will be covered in our new article today.

How to make the site popular – so user could interact with it simply and conveniently like with apps? How to increase the conversion and the number of site visits? The answer to these questions is one – PWAs. And it’s not about a glue. It’s about Progressive Web Apps.

Google has announced PWAs – technology in 2015, but even today many companies do not know about its existence or do not use its benefits.

PWAs are additions to the site created by using web-technologies (Java Script, CSS, HTML, Service Worker) which interacts with user on a mobile application basis. It can be installed on any gadget, receive messages and work even without an Internet connection.

PWAs are super for business because:

  1. they make Your business mobile. With their help, the conversion on the site increases on average – by 35%, the level of profits – by 20%, the volume of mobile audience – by 300%;
  2. they can partly work without an Internet connection (work offline);
  3. they support push-notifications. Retention marketing: quick return of visitors to the site, help in automating mainlings and collecting subscriber databases.
  4. simple installation from the site with one-click. Besides, it has a minimal size, which does not take up much space in gadget’s memory.
  5. multiplatform. One PWAs application for all kinds of platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop.

Statistics confirm: the boom of traditional applications has already passed, but the percentage of those, who uninstall applications is still growing. This is due to the size of the application and the large number of updates they need. Therefore, PWAs-technologies come to the fore. The client simply opens the site in the browser and stores it on the desktop (with one-click). And now – the site is available as an apps. Instant download without additional updates. Easier nowhere.

Examples of effective PWAs. After applying this technology:

  • AliExpress: by 104% – increased the conversion and by 74% – increased the time spent one session on the site.
  • OLX: by 250% – increased returns to the site (re-engagement), by 80% – reducing failures, by 146% – increasing clicks in ads.
  • Flipkart: by 70% – increased the conversion, by 40% – increased re-engagement, three times more spent on the site.
  • Pinterest: by 40% – increased the time spent on the mobile web, by 60% – increased the attraction to the site.

These are the results for 2018. And they are really impressive. PWAs can become a strong “glue” that will keep the customer’s attention on Your business.

They instantly fall into the gadgets of potential buyers, interacting with them as mobile apps. At the same time – they occupy a minimal space and instantly loaded. Maybe these technologies can become the future of web development.

The main goal of Web-Systems Solutions is to keep our customers up to date with a new and useful thing which can help them to grow their business. Any website or online-store can be PWAs, and our experts will help You to create such an advanced apps and test them for You. We take care Your potential buyers can easily and conveniently use Your site, and You – spend a minimum of effort and time to promote Your brand.

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