RSO, E-Bills and Everything You Need to Know About Online Stores

RSO, E-Bills and Everything You Need to Know About Online Stores

This September – early October, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted a number of new bills. Some of them are directly related to e-commerce (№1053-1, №1073). So, if you  have an online store, you may be waiting for a change in your job (if the bills become laws). Namely:

  • from 2021, RSOs (registrars of settlement transactions) will become mandatory for all sole proprietorships of 2-4 trading groups;
  • after six months from the adoption of the law, RSTs will become mandatory for all online retailers.

But everything is in order. What is RST?

RSOs are devices that capture the fact that a product is sold through a check. These can be cash registers or fiscal registrars.

According to the chairman of VR tax committee Danil Hetmantsev: the new law provides for the use of e-bill, a simple system of accounting transactions, via smartphone. The system must subsequently replace the billing registrar.  

What specific changes are waiting for online stores?

  • RSO programs will be introduced. Devices and software in which the data from the settlement operations will be certified by electronic signature.
  • An electronic check will be entered and will have the same status as a paper check. There are no technological requirements for it yet.
  • Buyers will be able to report that they have been issued an irregular check or not issued at all. For such messages, they are promised a cashback – a percentage of the fine that the entrepreneur will pay (the amount of the fine = 100% of the price of the goods!). The cashback rate will come into force on October 1, 2020.

What are the penalties for entrepreneurs in case of RSO violations?

At the end of the transition period:

  • for the first mistake (sale of the goods without carrying out the settlement transaction, or carrying out for a partial amount) the entrepreneur must pay 100% of the price of the goods;
  • for repeated mistake – 150% of the price of the goods.

E-Bills: history

On June 1, 2018, the State Fiscal Service presented the concept of business transition to the e-bill system. And the pilot version of the system – E-receipt began to run in test mode.

Accordingly, each entity with an annual settlement volume exceeding UAH 500,000, or a structural unit (point of sale) with a settlement volume exceeding UAH 250,000. are obliged to purchase a certified cash register to register settlement transactions and to transfer data to the State Fiscal Service.

How data transfer to the State Tax Service 

  • After a successful transaction, information about the product, time / date of purchase and other parameters is sent to the tax cloud;
  • RST is synchronized with the State Tax Service data. Which, in turn, forms a classic or (in the future) an electronic check;
  • a check should be placed in the parcel with the product or given to the buyer (if the online store has a physical address and the possibility of self-export);
  • an electronic check is being tested, which will be generated and registered in the State Tax Service + system is supplemented with a QR code. And after that – it will be transmitted to the device.

4 practical advices from Web-Systems Solutions for innovations. What we offer: 

  1. Investigate the part. Read the text of the bills at https://www.gov.ua/ and make your own personal  impression about possible changes.
  2. Compare your thoughts with those of experts. Not Auntie Galya from Facebook, but representatives of small and medium business in Ukraine (for example – materials on the portal https://ain.ua/ ). By the way, as we did.
  3. Analyze the purchase process in your online store. Understand what stage you are at. What is already available on your resource and what needs to be done to be ready for change.
  4. “Make friends” with online payment system (LiqPay, EasyPay, Interkassa or others). If your online store already has the ability to pay for goods using online payment system – that’s great. If not already, you need to study the features of the mentioned system, and Web-Systems Solutions will help you with its integration. 
You can read more about online-payment systems in our review http://bit.ly/2MWomus

As a result, it is worth noting that this is not the first attempt to introduce mandatory RSOs in Ukraine. At one time, public opinion influenced the entry into force of such laws. But the question remained open.

Changes in the legislation today are under the sign of digitization and tax cuts. Which, in turn, should have the effect of reducing the price of products and services. However, the question that is of concern to all is to increase the control over retailers and how this control will be implemented …

So, the changes are irreversible. And we must be ready for them.

How can this be done? The algorithm of actions is quite simple: 1) Obtain and analyze objective information from primary sources; 2) Have your own opinion about the events, not tied to someone; 3) Keep working hard.

If you need advice – contact us. We at Web-Systems Solutions are always ready to support our customers and help them with the technical side of any innovations.**

** This article will be updated in line with changes in the bills and the process of their implementation.

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