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09 November 2016

SEO + Front end. How to create a truly marketing website

SEO + Front end. How to create a truly marketing website

The most interesting information from our internal workshop “SEO & Front-end” now is opened to you! SEO-trends 2017 and 10 secret rules from our web-development Standards, which will help to promote your website

You’ve ordered a website, thought about the necessity of SEO-promotion, listened to a lot of stuff from SEO manager about what you need to change in the website to make everything working. As a result, budget and schedule for website promotion become much more than expected. We are convinced -our customers don’t have to deal with such problems! So we consider all the nuances during development to make everything go on wheels. Probably why we are among the top three Ukrainian developers of online stores.

For more than 7 years, we have developed a system of standards, which are improving and updating according to the latest industry trends. Our developers – not just specialists in the narrow sphere, we seek to know more, to create truly high-quality web products. Supporting the employees initiative, we are holding internal workshops to exchange experiences. 

The most interesting information from our internal workshop “SEO & Front-end” now is opened to you! SEO-trends 2017 and 10 secret rules from our web-development Standards, which will help to promote your website.

What to expect from SEO in 2017?

Websites with mobile version will be ranked higher

This year Google has updated the algorithm of ranking – now in mobile search chances to reach the top at sites with mobile version are much higher. According to, 4 out of 5 customers use smartphones to complete the purchase.

Video content is gaining popularity

According to Marketing Land video takes 62% of all searches in Google. So the news in the blog, the benefits of a company or a product review video format from YouTube with the correct title, definitely will attract users to your web resource.

Sense, not just text

Yandex has started up new searching algorithm “Yandex Palekh algorithm”, which is based on neural networks. This tool will help Yandex to give answers to unique and rare questions. This is the first time when neural networks are used in the search. So now documents will be found not by the keywords, but by the sense of request and title.

10 points from our web-development Standards, for better promotion of a website

  1. It is important and necessary to use header h1, the main thing – do not use the h1 header more than once on one page.
  2. Use h2…h6 headers through the content
  3. Try not to use <strong> and <b>
  4. Fill in alt (obligatory) and title (as far as possible) tags for images
  5. Create file robots.txt correctly. There should be pointed the main mirror of a website (Host: или and a way to the site map for searching robots (
  6. JavaScript-codes that contain more than 10-15 lines on HTML-page would be better to put in the JS-files that are added separately
  7. Don’t start links with the capital letter. The link format should be the same. Do not use Cyrillic characters, if your website address is written in the Latin alphabet. Cyrillic characters will not be shown correctly on other websites. It will look like that http://xn--j1ail.xn--p1ai/. It looks kind of like spam, doesn’t it?
    – wrong:о-нас
    + correct:
    – wrong:
    + correct:
  8. Do not write links on index pages (index.html).
    – wrong: <а href=””> </а>
    + correct: <a href=””> </a>
  9. Prevent the appearance of dynamic links like Try to use absolute links – server respond for this type of links is faster, so it is better for SEO. Avoid the dynamic and relative links, and also links with session identifier:
    – Example of dynamic link:
    – Example of absolute link:
    – Example of relative link: /catalog/
    – Example of a link with session identifier:
    – Don’t leave tags title and description empty;
  10. Finally, the last but not list – user-friendly interface. Never forget, that you create websites for people, not only for searching systems.

Of course, this is only a fragment from our Big book of standards. Working for you, we improve ourselves, to create not just good websites. We develop working online representation for your business, fully prepared for the SEO promotion. Our goal is your success!

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