How much does it cost to make a website?

How much does it cost to make a website?

How much does it cost to make a website? One of the most frequent questions asked by our customers. In this article, we will try to explain what the prices for projects depend on, why prices for similar projects may be different, and why it is important to choose the right technology for development at the very beginning.

Want a similar website

We are more than seven years on the web market and had various orders from clients. Quite often it happens like this: “I want a website as a competitor’s». In such cases, we give the approximate price, why not just say the exact one? As no two people exactly alike, so it’s impossible to make two absolutely identical websites (except for the template, but it is not for us). We prefer to approach each client individually. During the conversation, our managers will help you to decide what you really need on the future site, and any options “from competitors” will be superfluous or even inconvenient.

Скільки коштує зробити сайт?: image-1Technologies affect the project’s cost and its efficiency

It is very important to choose the right technology for the future project. When a user looks at a site which he likes, he doesn’t take thought what is “inside” it, but the correctly selected technology will help to make your future web resource as efficiently as possible. CMS OpenCart was created specifically for online trading – there are many useful modules available, which in other CMS can be paid or even absent. Online stores development on OpenCart is one of the priority directions of our studio, in the Brief we have prepared for you the standard build options, as well as a list of additional functions that you can connect. CMS WordPress is very popular in the West, originally it was developed for blogs. Business card websites are often ordered on WordPress. The website on WordPress is convenient to fill with content, it is great for further SEO optimization, however many modules are paid. For example, you’ll have to pay extra for the multi-language feature. The Yii framework should be selected for complex web solutions. The tool allows you to register everything by the client’s needs, including the admin panel. Web resources on Yii are quickly downloaded and very secure. Additional functions. Integration with trading platforms, unloading of goods from Excel, integration with the 1C Base, connection of SMS-information about the order… The list can be continued – all these options will affect the project cost, but in the future, it will greatly facilitate the work of administering the online store and processing orders.

A brief is the starting point

The first thing we offer our customers to determine the cost of the future website is to fill out the Development Brief. The document is structured according to sections: customer data wishes for design, functional elements that should be present on the site, and whether the website will need additional services. Based on the received information, we can already determine which technology is right for your future project, how long it takes to implement, and what the budget will be. The brief isn’t a short document, you need to be patient with it, or contact our account manager. We will be happy to help in completing it, to think about the logic of the future web resource and to find the best solutions so that the result will exceed your expectations!

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