Types of websites & design stages

Types of websites & design stages

Business card website

Contains the minimum necessary set of mechanisms for interaction with customers. Such a website will allow notifying customers about the company’s activities, promotions and news, place price-lists, photos, reviews about the company, and get feedback. Usually, the business card website contains such pages as: About us, Services (Goods), Vacancies, Contacts, News. Depending on needs, the number and content of the pages may vary.

Example of the website

Який тип сайту підійде для Вашого бізнесу?: image-1

Online catalog

The online catalog contains information about products/services for customers or business partners. Cards of goods, prices, filters for various parameters and much more can be presented on the site. The main task of such a website is to demonstrate the goods/services online. The user can choose the item of interest and order products by contacting your manager.

Example of the website

Який тип сайту підійде для Вашого бізнесу?: image-1

Online store

The online store contains more functionality than the online catalog, the main difference is the function of buying goods online. It’s suitable for a company with a wide assortment and a large number of products. The very mechanism of the purchase is automated – the visitor will quickly and easily find everything necessary, put it in a virtual basket, and send a request for purchase to the manager with one click. Such automation of processes will help to save on the number of employees. There is an opportunity for integration with trading platforms, the connection of analytics, and so on.

Example of the website

Який тип сайту підійде для Вашого бізнесу?: image-1

Corporate website

A unique solution for your business. The corporate website is suitable for a large company, with a large number of goods. There are several levels of authorization available: external – for customers, and internal – for employees. The structure of such a website is discussed individually with every client. All business needs are analyzed, proposed an optimal structure and a set of functions that satisfy all requests.

Example of the website

Який тип сайту підійде для Вашого бізнесу?: image-1

Landing page

A website consisting of only one page, their types can be conditionally divided into two categories:

• Information Landing page – their main task is to inform the target audience, about the events or acquaintance with the activities of the company.

• Selling Landing page – the page is used to enhance the effectiveness of advertising and expand the potential audience. Excellent for a quick sale of goods or services. Will help to collect contact information of your potential audience.

Example of the website

Який тип сайту підійде для Вашого бізнесу?: image-1

Stages of website development

1.Brief analysis, drafting of the Terms of Reference

The Brief is a document that contains key information on the project (business scope, competitors, wishes for site design, a set of functions, needs for additional works). After a thorough analysis of Brief information, the data on the competitive environment, target audience, and necessary functionality, wishes for design, we turn to the drafting of the Terms of Reference for the project team. We determine the terms of the project and the necessary technologies. After agreeing with the Customer, we proceed to implementation.


At the design stage, we select the style and color scheme, as well as the correct arrangement of objects on the page, according to your wishes and the requirements of UI/UX (friendly interface). Your visitors will feel comfortable on the website pages, they can easily find the information they need and make the necessary action for you. After approving the design of the main page, we turn to the internal pages of the site.


After approving the design of the page, we proceed to the most important part – directly developing the website. Front-end experts turn a design image into a clickable web page, check that in all popular browsers and on all devices, the pages are displayed correctly and correspond to the approved design. Back-end developers write specifically for your site the necessary functions (filters, ordering, point definition on the map, popularity rating of goods, etc.). Customize the necessary CMS for your site, prepare the necessary fields in the admin panel, so that the content manager can easily fill the website.

4.Quality standards

For almost 10 years of work, we have developed a system of standards for web development, design, and management. These are separate internal documents, based on which all our employees work. So at the output, you get not just a website. The program code has already been prepared in such a way as to facilitate the work on Internet promotion. Before handing over all sites are checked for mobile friendly and are brought to the green zone by PageSpeed Insight.


The project passes manual testing for compliance with quality at each development stage. It is much easier to identify inconsistencies and eliminate them in the shortest possible time. Manual testing, as well as checking the web-based product for compliance with our internal standards, allows us to reduce the project implementation time to the minimum.

6.Technical support and content filling

An integral part of works, allowing you to maintain the continued operation of your website. Technical support includes updating information on the site, adding additional program modules as the resource develops (special offers, forum, mailing, online polling, banner replacement, etc.). For our customers, the first month of technical support is for free! Also, as a gift, we fill the content with 50 items of goods in the online store.

We give 1 month of free technical support for our Customers. And the first 50 items of the goods we fill for free also!

7. Contextual promotion

Advertising in the Google search will attract the first visitors to your website in just a few hours. You can advertise the product, special offer or the whole site. We provide fixed prices for setting up and maintaining advertising campaigns, which means – you can be sure, it is really beneficial for us to reduce the cost of a click so that your advertising budget does not increase and the audience’s coverage increases. More information about all the benefits of contextual promotion you can get from our managers.


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