What is “Good” Web Design?

What is “Good” Web Design?

The concept of web design consists of two main parts. First, web design is a technological process.

Besides the fonts, color theory and software, a designer should know what the website consists of because there is a huge demand for this type of web resource. A web designer should also have an understanding of the web development basics such as HTML and CSS, and content management systems (CMS) in order to avoid mistakes that could complicate the life of web developers and affect the further process of project implementation.

Second, design is psychology.

A person who develops a website or any other web resource design should understand the users, know their tastes and behavior. That’s why it is important to understand the main concepts of the sphere UI and UX which mean user interface and user experience respectively. The essence of the excellent UI/UX design is to create an interface that will be as intuitive and simple to use as stylish and aesthetic. That is why the usability standard that determines how easy it is for users to perform particular tasks while using the product is one of the main in web design.

And finally, every professional web designer understands that a website or application is a channel of communication between a brand and a client. Having set the goals, objectives, and tasks that the resource should solve, it is easy to determine what design should look like. For example, if we talk about websites for sales, the main decision of the user “buy or not buy” depends on this resource. Therefore, we need to show the visitor that this seller can be trusted, that he cares about the clients, appreciate them and respects their time.

Considering this, you can formulate a general list of requirements for the design of the online store.

In general, these requirements are universal. Any resource must be implemented taking these three rules into account.

1. Pleasant interface.
Вesign should be aesthetic and modern. A poor-quality out-of-date design can make user doubt the quality of the services or products it represents. In addition, the visitor may get the impression that the website is abandoned and doesn’t work anymore.

2. The right colors.
Also, you need to be very careful at the stage of selecting the color scheme of the resource. Each color can have different meanings and even carry different messages to the clients. Earlier we wrote about colors and what they can say about the brand when used in different areas of business.

Що таке хороший веб-дизайн?: image-13. Ease of use.
Your resource works fast, all pages and buttons are at the right places, the catalog is well structured and it is easy to find a product you’re interested in among many other goods, the product card has a detailed visual and text description? Then the experience of your client will be positive. Also, don’t forget about the mobile version of your online store. Most clients use mobile devices to shop online today.

Our company has been doing design and web development for 9 years already. All this time we’ve been able to see how the things are changing. Needs and tastes of the customers have changed. Technologies are constantly being improved and adjusted to the requests of the users. We keep our hand on the pulse. A few years ago, no one thought about usability and why the website should have a certain structure to work fast and be indexed by the search engines. Today these issues came to the fore. As a result, the number of cases in our portfolio that describe the website redesign has increased. If you also need a website designed and developed according to all the contemporary web standards by professional web designers, contact us and our team will take care of your tasks immediately!


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