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25 February 2020

How Can Online Store Save You From Depression

How Can Online Store Save You From Depression

Depression in February-March is a common thing. Everything seems gray, ordinary, sometimes even a little boring. What can save from depression? Shopping as an option! Today, more and more people buy products online, and now online stores are becoming indispensable. Its number is constantly increasing. And that is why online-stores looking the same. How to help the online store owner congratulate the grayness and monotony, and how can online shopping help fight depression - we will talk in our new article.

It’s not enough to create an online store. Not enough to explore a niche and your own target audience. Such online stores are created by hundreds every day. We want to tell you how you can turn your own online store into a special resource. Effective and bright. And most importantly, how online shopping can actually cure depression! You have any doubts? Do you really want to go outside, when is it cold and damp?.. So. But you want to buy something. Or you need to. That’s why online shopping is a great cure for depression. You don’t need to go anywhere. You can lie on your favorite sofa under a soft blanket, flip through the online catalog and in almost 2 clicks make a gift. The algorithm is simple: shopping is a cure for depression – online shopping is even better (anytime) – online sellers are practically psychotherapists – and we help online shop sellers carry out the process of psychotherapy.

5 reasons why online shopping helps you get rid of depression

  1. Simple, convenient and no nerves. The online shopping process is a special atmosphere. No need to go, hurry, listen to questions / advice / comments from product consultants. There is only You, your favorite coffee and smartphone.
  2. The best choice and no queues. You can order anything your soul desires online. The choice of goods in online stores    is several times greater than on the shelves of ordinary stores. At the same time there is an opportunity – to compare the prices of goods in different shops immediately. In a few minutes. Without any queues.
  3. Product reviews and reviews. A great option to make sure that the product is truly high quality and meets all expectations. Read reviews in the same online store from other buyers. And choose the best product.
  4. All at once. Flipping through the dress catalog (because spring is coming soon), you can suddenly remember the need for a new coffee maker. Or vice versa. And in just a few minutes, without leaving the cozy home, not running from one department to another – find what you need.
  5. The combination of pleasant and useful. In online stores, usually besides the product catalog there is also a blog with articles. From where you can find out and get a lot of interesting / useful / vivid thoughts and facts. That is, you are not only resting and being treated for February depression. But also you are opening new horizons!

How online shopping helps to fight with depression – we have figured it out. Now we have one more important question: how to make your own online store special? To make buyers want to come back again and again. And the therapy session take place without complaint.

Tips from a designer. Chips for online stores

  • Separate functionality and design for the mobile version.

The percentage of e-commerce shoppers using smartphones is steadily increasing. Therefore, preference will be given to those online stores that are the most adaptable to mobile devices. In this case, of particular importance is: the simplicity and convenience of the interface, the lack of unnecessary information. And most importantly, the page load speed.

  • Minimalism, emphasis on content.

Recent trends: minimal detail, black and white, simple lines and sophisticated shapes. And also – quality, thoughtful content. Great photos, product videos, short and interesting description. We live in a time of over-saturation with goods. The number of sales will be increased by the person who is able to present the product well.

  • Social networking orientation and integration.

Previously optional, it is now mandatory to:

  1. registering with Facebook or Google – adds +100500 to convenience, reduces the “bounce rate” on the site;
  2. social media links – increase trust in the store and increase brand awareness;
  3. social sharing: especially Pinterest for clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture and home decor. This can be free advertising. Sharing in Telegram / Viber will allow people to send links directly to certain products.
  • Fast payment and delivery methods, online feedback.

The first thing to think about is how fast you can serve your customers. The speed and quality of service will give people the first vivid impressions. Someone will come back for a repeat purchase, and someone will not make it – due to lack of information, inconvenient payment, etc. Try to get more people out of the first category by integrating payment systems into your site. Choose from convenient delivery methods, location targeting, and more.

  • Chat bots and full automation.

We live in a time of overflowing with information and social contacts. Therefore, everything that simplifies communication – becomes an absolute advantage. Chatbots, lack of calls about order refinements are the ones that are getting more and more attention. So, treat your depression with online shopping! With a bright and convenient online store, it’s always easy 🙂

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