What a Modern Mobile App Should Be

What a Modern Mobile App Should Be

Smartphone today is a universal thing. Using it, you can call a taxi, order a pizza, control the quality of sleep, follow blogs, Telegram / Youtube channels, etc. The smartphone has become an indispensable part of our life. And mobile app development is constantly evolving. Mobile app for business right now is not “must have” anymore. It’s rather: “why not yet?..” Presence in mobile devices allows business owners to engage with their audience and create a clear brand image. You have an idea for creating a mobile app, but do not know how to turn this idea to app or keep up with the latest trends?.. Let’s do it together, then. There is a video about mobile applications on our Youtube channel. Why do you need them, what code developers use for app, what tasks can a mobile application do in business.

Ideas for mobile applications

  • The Internet of Things. It refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. Apartments, homes and entire cities are increasingly using this concept in their daily lives with special sensors. Smart parking, smart office (by analogy with smart house) – this is the future to come.
  • Online Ordering System (Delivery Apps: taxi, massage, pizza, etc.) – selection of necessary services through the in-app catalog.
  • Paying bills (this idea is mostly implemented through banking apps, but you can go further with paying taxes with custom mobile apps).

The main trends in mobile development

  • Augmented reality.

How can be this idea implemented? Transmission of information about places traveled by the user; weather data; lunch / dinner costs at restaurants or hostels. The user points the camera at the subject and receives all the necessary information. This technology is the future.

  • Artificial Intelligence.

The use of artificial intelligence is also steadily increasing. The simplest example of its use is voice assistants: Google Voice, Alexa, Siri, as well as chatbots. But the possibilities of using artificial intelligence are not limited. Technology helps in learning user’s habits and preferences. Thus, developers and marketers can understand user’s behavior by learning actions, shopping, and other actions in social networks and mobile apps.

  • Beacon Technologies.

A Beacon-enabled application on the device shows where the user can purchase the desired products, their value and other features. Beacons use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signals. When a device enters a beacon area, a specific application instantly receives this alert and offers appropriate notifications and user instructions. This technology is extremely promising in the field of marketing.

Mobile App Design Trends

The interface design is the first impression of the application. What builds brand credibility with the user. What will be important for mobile app design in the near future?

  • The Art of Minimalism in Mobile App UI Design.

The simple for mobile app means more user-friendly. Interface simplification is a major trend. The user should not be distracted by the product. Simple geometry outweighs complex graphics and illustrations. Zero UI (“invisible design”), understandable from the context is a trend nowadays.

  • Voice first. Voice interfaces.

We are waiting for an “interface without interface” – the development of voice assistants and voice input of information.

  • Smart APPs. Personalization.

Mobile apps will know what you want more often. Personalization is already implemented in social networks, media, banking services and online stores.

  • Customization of interfaces.

It is up to the users to decide what they want to see in the apps. Customization extends the UX and allows you to control the interaction: choose the theme and order of elements, hide and add blocks in order of most interesting and useful information.

  • More Augmented Reality Elements.

AR tools will increasingly be used for various tasks. For example, to navigate shopping malls or quickly search for goods in warehouses. AR enables you to “attach” virtual instructions to real objects and digital business cards to people. And finally:

5 Mobile App Development Tips from our designer

  1. Make sure that your app will be interesting and useful for people. Before embarking on an original (in your opinion) idea, you need to make sure it is not already implemented by someone. It is worth exploring a niche, search for analogues. Maybe, the market is already saturated with a similar product. If the idea is original, take a survey among users. For example – in social networks.
  2. MVP is our everything.  Don’t spend a few years developing everything to a perfect state. Identify the main functionality of the product and the target audience to which it is intended. If the application succeeds, you can add new chips over time.
  3. Simple design = good design. Do not rush to saturate the application with various functions. Focus on making the design of the app clearer: clear navigation, a simple menu with a minimum of elements, a well-selected action button, clear and concise tips.
  4. Monetization. It is clear to everyone that the main purpose of the application is commercial. But don’t abuse it. If the app is new, it is better to make in-app purchases. Knife immediately make it fully paid. You will need a lot of marketing money to get users to pay. The same goes for advertising. If it appears in the free version every minute, chances are it will cause annoyance to most users.
  5. Details solve everything! Approving the design – pay more attention to detail. Small “chips” can make a big impression. Gamification, presence of a corporate character, UX-tips in the forms, animated preloders and a drop of humor in the text will be able to distinguish your application among analogues!

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