What are the components of a site and an online store?

What are the components of a site and an online store?

If you decide to order a website, first of all, you need to think of a clear and understandable structure for it. Usually (but not always) at this stage they create a layout of the pages of the site.

The logical structure has a positive effect on the ranking (or ranking) of search engines and the perception of the site by users.

So, what are the components of a site?

  1. Usability. Website convenience for the user. An intuitive menu to allow the user to easily navigate the site.
  2. Design. Visual image of the site, buttons, cap, menu, blocks. 
  3. Imposition. Website design that is translated into browser language.
  4. Programming and CMS. Programming the actions of each block and layout element. What will happen if a user does something. Installation of a site management system (or CMS – content management system) that allows the site administrator to work with the content.
  5. Content. Texts, images / pictures / illustrations, videos and audio that fill the site.
  6. Promotion. Actions to increase site traffic and increase conversions.
  7. Hosting. The place where your site’s files are physically stored.
  8. Domain. The unique name or address of your site that a user can find on the web.

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What components are important for online store?

Any online store should have: 

  • Home page.
  • Product catalog.
  • Buyer’s cart and ordering page.
  • Store information pages, payment / shipping, guarantees, returns, and more.
  • Content section (news, helpful tips, reviews).
  • Personal cabinets of buyers.

Requirements for site structure: 

  • simple navigation. All “breadcrumbs” (navigation chains) and auxiliary units must be present on all pages. They will help the user navigate the sections and quickly move from one page to another; 
  • you should think separately about the level of page tabs (or this is also called site nesting) – the nesting should not exceed 4 (ie, to go to the desired page you need to make no more than 3 clicks from the Home page);
  • all pages should have a link on homepage.

Requirements for the structure of the online store 

By organizing the structure of an online store, you should immediately answer the questions:

  1. How to divide goods by categories?
  2. What products are popular?
  3. Which product features are most interesting to users?

These moments make it easier for your potential buyers to work with the online store. And make it really functional.

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In general, the proper design of the structure is an important and quite difficult stage that affects not only the development of the site, but also its promotion and marketing.

Remember, successful site promotion involves designing a good structure from scratch rather than “finishing” an existing structure. So it’s best to do everything right. Instead of trying to fix or fix everything.

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