Combining a corporate website with e-commerce is a smart strategy that encourages customers to purchase products, even when they come with a higher price tag. The "2x4" brand is on a mission to make a healthy food approach available to everyone.

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About the project

A Shopify e-commerce website focused on health and a healthy lifestyle, primarily serving as an online store for selling vitamins and dietary supplements.


  • create an online store with the idea of close communication with the customer,
  • combine the functionality of the online store with a large number of additional pages, as in the structure of the corporate site,
  • the layout of all pages of the site and integration of layout with CMS Shopify,
  • online store support and integration of new pages on a functioning site.

Product catalog

The menu has a link “Shop All”, which leads to a general catalog of products and allows a customer to view the entire line of products, solutions, bundles, and blends. Then the customer can refine his/her search in the search bar, or use ready-made filters for products. In the footer of the site, customers can also view the catalog, which is divided into product categories. Each category leads not just to the product card, but to a separate landing with the opportunity to pass a quiz test from a doctor, contact nutritionists, and choose solutions for the individual customer’s needs.


  • quality site layout and integration of the site with CMS Shopify,
  • implement additional individual functionality with the help of Shopify solutions,
  • integrate marketing systems,
  • integrate and set up Shopify applications from the Shopify App Store,
  • optimize a large number of pages in the online store to search network standards.

A product card

The product card in the “2×4” online store has all the necessary functionality of an e-commerce site. Slider with a photo of the product, reviews, “add to cart” button. Also, it is possible to subscribe to the products list (choose a frequency) and save the purchase. To do this, we have integrated the Shopify application with a quick subscription offer. At the bottom of the product card, there is an extensive description, animations, a blog of specialists, and the donations functionality (the client is engaged in charity work). All this encourages a customer to form a large products check.

A cart and checkout

Customers can add a product to the cart from the product catalog page. A side menu appears. It is a preview of the cart page. In the cart with the help of a bar with a sliding line,  there is an offer of free delivery “You are $_ away from free shipping”. The functionality of the checkout page is divided into “express checkout” and the step-by-step order fields. Order history is available in the buyer’s personal account.


  • CMS Shopify allowed to quickly and efficiently integrate the layout of the site design with functionality,
  • we focused on additional features of the functionality and introduced the necessary Shopify applications,
  • we integrated Klaviyo e-mail marketing system with CMS Shopify,
  • we integrated Shopify Subscription App – Recharge Subscriptions,
  • we integrated the application with reviews,
  • we introduced functionality to the counter of funds that go to charity from the purchase of each product,
  • we ensure adaptability, where the code is fully designed in accordance with HTML standards and search engine requirements,
  • our team (project manager and CMS developer) communicated closely with the Client during all project tasks and was in touch despite different time zones.

Manufacturing technology, studies and nutritionists' blog

Additional landings of the “2×4” online store have an important role in building customers’ trust in the brand. The more the customer learns about the company and the store, sees the manufacturing technology, certifications, reads the blog of wellness experts – the more he/she wants to be a part of the brand and to buy the product even for a big price tag. The blog is divided into different topics and sorted by hashtags. We have designed and integrated pages where are available videos, quiz tests, forms, ingredients, and communication with Brand 2×4 Experts. The last integration on the site was the “Career” page because the company grows and expands.

We have created an online store on CMS Shopify, where we maximally reflect our Customer’s idea of making nutrition accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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