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About the project

Stylish and practical online store from scratch for the furniture retailer. 



The large retail network of furniture "7 continent" from Khmelnitsky, which has 20 furniture stores throughout the region.

Development time
250+ hours
3 people
YII 2.0 , Java Script , PHP
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  • create a convenient and powerful resource for the client;
  • the site should be 2 in 1: an online store and a site for partners at the same time (ie, to solve both b2c and b2b problems);
  • simple and easy to use.
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  • creating a practical and stylish online store that would solve the main tasks of the client’s business;
  • resource is directed as to search for clients, and to search for business partners either.
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  • the server part was written by our team specifically under this resource on PHP framework Yii2;
  • concise, yet stylish design is complemented by convenient navigation;
  • the site is optimized and works great on mobile devices.
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As a result, we have a concise and efficient online store, with easy navigation and an intuitive interface!

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