App development for 3D product configurator

Dutch furniture manufacturer “Tables by TIM”, which strives for maximum ease in creating a unique dining table for the customer. The development of the Shopify AR project was in cooperation with the augmented reality development company "Marevo" (marevo.vision).

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About the project

Private Shopify AR app to create objects in the product card with Shopify product configurator.


  • private app realization from scratch exclusively for the needs of the existing Shopify store and 3D product configurator, 
  • the individual 3D models of tables and Shopify product configurator are already created with the “Marevo” team, and we need to find a solution for this models integration and implementation of the product configurator into Shopify, 
  • to load these models into the Shopify platform and set up steps, colors, texture variations, sizes within Shopify of the impact of chosen configuration,
  • configure the API to create a product in Shopify.

3D product configurator Shopify

AR Shopify product configurator enables visualization of products in 2D, 3D and AR reality, all from a single platform. Brands install it on their websites to empower the shopping opportunities of their customers with a visual 3D customizer for their products. In the project for “Tables by TIM”, we collaborated with “Marevo”, who made an AR product visualization and developed a product configurator, and our team worked on the integrations side, AR in Shopify, and configuration settings for the 3D product configurator Shopify.

How the Shopify app works

This private application realizes the ability to select and buy a product with specified parameters through the 3D product configurator. This application is developed for the needs of a specific online store. Area of Shopify store of our Client: tables and furniture. Need: 3D visualization when buying. So, the API accepts parameters about items from the site. After receiving the data, a request is sent to the Admin Rest API in Shopify to create a product with the specified attributes in a cart.


In collaboration with “Marevo” company, we have developed and integrated into Shopify a 3D table configurator with an augmented reality function. The work was done from scratch and included:

  • development of a 3D model of the table and its individual parts, taking into account all the requirements for further use in AR (“Marevo” development),
  • development and setting up of the configurator based on the three.js library,
  • creation of the first step that chooses the shape of the table, automation of other steps,
  • API connection with methods to create a product in Shopify.

As a result, we developed a unique Shopify AR application for a 3D product configurator for the Shopify store.

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