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About the project

Modern online store for a wholesale implementer of toys and children’s goods.


Our Client is the "Chado shop" with a wide range of children's products: toys, stationery for school and office, books, creative goods, clothing. The shop is located in Khmelnitskiy and carries out regular delivery of orders in the Khmelnitskiy region.

Development time
250+ hours
2 people
Opencart , Bootstrap
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  • creating a practical and functional online store that would be easy to use for both retail and wholesale buyers;
  • the user should receive the maximum information about the goods in the online store.
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Our client cooperates with more than one hundred suppliers from Ukraine and with official importers. And has a very wide range of products, which was also worth considering by designing an online store.

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  • we chose CMS OpenCart because this platform is reliable and effective for creating online stores;
  •  all goods are synchronized with the 1C base;
  • entering the store through a personal office, the wholesale customer sees immediately sees the wholesale price for all the presented items of goods;
  • maximum information about goods is made in the category, so that the wholesale buyers can make the order quickly and easily.
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So, as a result, we got a modern and practical online store for a wholesale toy and children’s goods retailer!

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