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Shopify custom app development. Checkbox RRO is a module for the creation of fiscal receipts.

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About the project

The Shopify app for an electronic cash register is the module that is developed in partnership with “checkbox.ua” for individual business needs.


  • create a Shopify app from scratch;
  • build the needed functionality of the module;
  • help with easy integration with checkbox.ua service;
  • publish the app to the Shopify App Store;
  • the app support and updates.

The functionality of the module

An owner of an online store on Shopify can start working with the cash register in a few minutes with the help of “checkbox.ua” service and our module. It is easy to generate the first electronic receipt with a few clicks.

The functionality:

  • opening of the cash register;
  • closing of the cash register;
  • printing of checks;
  • z-report printing;
  • generating a return check;
  • order list;
  • official deposit/withdrawal of funds.


  • we built the module for electronic cash register and its integration with CMS Shopify + Checkbox service to automize the routine work with receipts in the online store on Shopify;
  • this module will help to reduce the costs of registering settlement transactions in the online store on CMS Shopify, and also it will simplify reporting and control payments;
  • installation of the module is possible in the admin panel of the online store on CMS Shopify.

We have built the app for the Shopify App Store that works with an online store on CMS Shopify and helps with easy integration of the electronic cash register service.

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